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Viewers Shocked: Things Get Spicy On ‘Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune’

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Things get spicy on Celebrity of Wheel of Fortune. Viewers were shocked by the latest broadcast of the primetime spinoff. The show can get away with more since it airs at night. However, it’s still on early enough that the kiddies might see something go down.

Host Pat Sajak asked the celebrity contestants to guess the X-rated puzzle board. Some of the fans were in shock when they correctly guessed the clue. The 75-year-old was his normal serious self during the game. However, the suggestive puzzle had some people in giggles. Read on to learn what happened next.

Celebrity WoF With Vanna White & Pat Sajak [YouTube]

Pat Sajak asks contestants to guess suggestive puzzle

On Sunday’s episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, actor Michael Rappaport, Mexican actor Jaime Camil, and actress June Diane Raphael were the latest players. The game quickly got steamy when they had to guess a NSFW puzzle. The category was “Before and After” and featured a four-word phrase.

Even the celebrity contestants were dumbfounded with the puzzle. It was a play on words with the old WB series Gilmore Girls and the Joe Francis-fronted adult video series Girls Gone Wild. The final puzzle read: “Gilmore Girls Gone Wild.”

Gilmore Girls Gone Wild [YouTube]
Viewers of Celebrity of Wheel of Fortune were aghast. They took to Twitter to react to the steamy puzzle. Some weren’t on board with the idea. Others were downright disgusted.

  • “Watching Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Answer to a Before/After puzzle was Gilmore Girls Gone Wild.”
  • “Girlmore girls gone wild? [SIC]”
  • “No. For the love of TV and game shows, just now.”
  • “I cannot unsee that now.”

The official Twitter account for Wheel of Fortune didn’t want to take the blame for that puzzle. They tweeted: “Hey, I just handle the social media” with a shrug emoji. Interestingly enough, the official Celebrity Wheel of Fortune account didn’t tweet anything about that wild TV moment.

Another NSFW puzzle on Wheel of Fortune

This isn’t the first time that a suggestive puzzle board has popped up on Wheel of Fortune. Last month, fans were uncomfortable by a puzzle that read: “Warm, Wet, and Wild.” Hostess Vanna White graciously smiled next to the NSFW puzzle board. Some fans took Twitter to share their thoughts on that innuendo.

“Ew,” one fan wrote, while another simply added: “???” They were speechless over that moment. Fans are wondering who’s responsible for the racy puzzle boards. There was also a puzzle that had racist roots. Its origins was from the slavery era.

WoF fans think they could’ve done their research before using it. What are your thoughts on the spicy moment on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune? Did it shock you as well? Sound off below in the comment section.

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