Are ‘BIP’ Couple Kira & Romeo Still Together After Leaving?

Romeo and Kira via YouTube

Kira Mengistu and Romeo Alexander caused some drama during Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. There was a love triangle between Kira, Romeo and Jill Chin for a bit. Romeo didn’t seem to know what he wanted. Kira had left the beach only to return and try to win back Romeo. They left together to see if they could salvage anything outside of the beach. So, are they still together today? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

BIP Kira and Romeo spoilers, are they together?

Kira and Romeo left Bachelor in Paradise together. Since then, Kira has made some hilarious TikToks about her relationship with him. In one video posted in mid-October, Kira said she has been asked a lot about how she and Romeo are doing post-Paradise. 

She continued saying that contrary to popular belief she is not holding Romeo hostage. She continued saying they are very, very, happy as she zoomed in on her face. It then goes to Romeo’s face who is jokingly fake smiling and says yes very happy.

Kira and Romeo via YouTube

The next video was posted just six days ago and Kira was once again hilarious. She said things were going great with Romeo and he was visiting her. They had just run a few errands and then she noted she forgot he was in the trunk. She then opened her trunk to a confused-looking Romeo. Kira then said don’t worry he’s fine and it’s only happened twice.

Fans were commenting noting they wish they had seen this hilarious side of her on the show.

Kira’s hilarious posts even continued into yesterday. She shared a photo of herself and Romeo. Kira did a lip-synced voiceover with captions. She titled it, “Bachelor Nation trying to figure out if we’re actually in love.” She then joked about them being engaged, then married and ended with saying a baby could be on the way.

Her caption on the video said, “#greenscreen It’ll take an engagement, marriage AND baby to convince Bachelor Nation #bachelornation #bachelorinparadise #realitytv #kiraandromeo #romeoandkira #couplegoals”

What happened at the BIP reunion

Reality Steve shared what went down at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion. Kira and Romeo were in attendance. They confirmed that they still talk to one another. So far there are no details as to how serious or not serious they may be.

Fans will have to wait and hear more soon. Is Kira just joking around or are she and Romeo actually in love and trying to make things work out between them?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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