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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Sees Bam Brown’s Family Desert Him

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Bam Bam Brown is the one person who’s been working hard to get his mother’s ranch profitable again on Alaskan Bush People. Billy Brown died last year, and the wildfires destroyed much of their ranch. With Billy gone, Ami needed help and Bam is the only one really taking this seriously.

Here is what happened on the most recent episode of Alaskan Bush People when it comes to Bam Bam Brown helping his mother. He did it almost all by himself.

Bam Brown’s siblings run out on him when Ami needed help

When the new season started, Noah Brown was working to help his mom Ami get things on the ranch automated. His goal was to help with making it profitable again. However, that is when Noah dropped the bomb on his mother that he was leaving. He planned to go back to Alaska and find a home there to move to with his wife and kids.

Bam Brown working on Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

Birdie then learned she had two tumors and had them removed. However, after this happened, she confided to her mom that she hadn’t figured out what she was meant to do in her life so Ami told her to go with Noah to Alaska and remember where she came from. Rain also left to go with them to watch after Birdie.

That left Bam, Gabe, and Bear Brown. However, Gabe suddenly decided that he was going to accompany them to Alaska as well. He left the ranch and headed to meet them there to help keep an eye on Birdie on the trip. With Gabe, the true muscle of the Brown siblings done, that left Bam and Bear.

In the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People, Bam Brown said that with Gabe and Noah off and both of his sisters with them, the ranch was now running on a “skeleton crew.” The clips showed Bam working, Rhain tending the animals around her and Noah’s home, and Bear talking about how much there is to do to help Ami with only a few of them there. He also had his son in his arms and a pregnant wife back home.

Bam Brown on the ranch in Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

Ami says Bam is her replacement for Billy at the ranch

Last week, Ami Brown admitted that she realized this was coming. She has been mostly alone since Billy died early in 2021. She can’t keep the ranch up on her own, and she mostly relied on Billy before. On last week’s Alaskan Bush People episode, Ami said that it was Bam who had stepped up and into Billy’s role for her on the ranch.

It also makes sense. Noah is the smartest, but he has one foot already out the door. Gabe is the muscle and Bear is up for anything, but to get the ranch profitable and do it right, Bam Brown is all that is left for Ami.

Have the Alaskan Bush People left Bam Brown with too much of a load to handle alone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. So hire some workers and move on. This “Ranch” idea isn’t going to work out for one wandering bunch of folks…Billy “held them together”…and the whole idea of all of them living in shacks is silly…that house Ami is in should be finished as it was designed to fit all of them!

    1. I really love the show.It is so true to life.I am so sorry for their lost,of their DAD. I am very disappointed in Bear.I read they are blessed with loving God.Well I can’t believe they would treat Matt so badly. everyone makes mistakes. I am sure Bear has made mistakes.matt was a great part of the show.And HE should be forgiven.remember .life is short,on their show.They show a family with alot of love and respect. Bear has know right to sit in judgment of anyone.matt should return to the show.They can all live on the mountain. They should all get along.For the sake of their mom.She loves all her children.The two girls are warm and loving.Billy would want all to be together. Matt is missed.

      1. I agree. They disown Matt because he had a drinking problem ( which by the way he entered and completed rehab). The charges against him for sexual assault are bogus as the judge threw them out because of lack of evidence.
        And the family have termed Matt as an outcast but they seem to be OK with Bear
        being a Spousal Abuser. What a shame. None of the others are without some sort of fault. If they really believe in the word of God, where is their forgiveness.

  2. I understand the kids need to find their way with their own families. But I feel that Bam is a true hero for trying to help Ami get things manageable. They all should be there for the love of their mom, help ready the ranch, and then go if they must.

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