‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Are Beth And Jamie Getting Along?


The Yellowstone Season 5 premiere is coming soon. Already, the preview video has shattered records.

In the preview, Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley) look like they are getting along. Does the preview show what is really happening between the Dutton siblings?

Please note that if you have not watched through Season 4, there may be some spoilers.

Are Beth & Jamie Getting Along In Yellowstone Season 5?

Yellowstone Season 5 is going to include a newly married Beth and Rip (Cole Hauser). Does marriage soften Beth? Do she and Jamie get along in the upcoming season?

Wes Bentley recently spoke to People about Beth and Jamie. Originally, he believed that Beth and Jamie would eventually reconcile. However, he doesn’t think so anymore.

I think as Jamie, I thought for a long time that [reconciliation] might happen, but this past season when she forced him to kill and she threatened his world, I think in that moment he decided, ‘OK, she doesn’t love me. They don’t love me. I don’t love them. I hate them too. And how am I gonna deal with this?’

Jamie refers to being put on the spot and killing his father. He chose the Duttons with that action. But, it doesn’t sound like the animosity has lessened. If anything, it seems to have been ignited now. Beth forced him to kill.

Jamie is a lone wolf and realizes that he needs to make decisions only for himself.

Of course, through the seasons, viewers learned that Beth hates Jamie from when they were teens. She was pregnant with Rip’s child. He took her to the Native American abortion clinic, but the clinic required sterilization. Beth didn’t learn of that permanent procedure until she was an adult.


Season 5 Is ‘More Intense’

Besides dishing on Jamie and Beth’s cantankerous relationship, Wes Bentley also talked about Yellowstone Season 5 in general.

First, he revealed that there are the usual fight scenes, but also a lot of political intrigue. Now that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is the Governor of Montana, that should not be a big surprise. But, this is not just disagreements. There is “danger”!

There are some fight scenes and stuff, but I’ll mostly say what [viewers] can expect is the political intrigue, especially in a time like this. There’s danger in that too. That’s where a lot of our attention lies and the danger lies.
In addition, there are “more cliffhangers.”
We also have a lot more cliffhangers and stuff, but I think it’s more intense than it’s ever been.
This makes a lot of sense as the season will be supersized, with 14 episodes long, divided in half. That means double the opportunity for cliffhangers.

When Does Yellowstone Season 5 Premiere?

Yellowstone Season 5 premieres on Sunday, November 13, at 8 p.m., on Paramount, for a two-hour premiere.

Are you looking forward to Yellowstone Season 5?




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