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Will ‘DWTS’ Stay On Disney+? Executives Make Decision

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The decision to migrate Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) from ABC to Disney+ (Disney Plus) was not a popular one. Many avid fans of the dancing competition protested watching the show because they refuse to pay for the streaming service.

Turns out, fans of the show aren’t alone in their disdain of the series moving to Disney+ for Season 31. Some of the professional dancers and celebrities are also unhappy about not being featured on primetime ABC.

Has the outrage and protest from avid fans been enough for the DWTS executives to reconsider the decision to put the dancing competition on Disney Plus? Could Dancing With The Stars Season 32 migrate back to ABC to appease angry fans and frustrated dancers?

Disney + Night from Instagram, Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro

According to The Sun, an anonymous source close to the executives of DWTS has spilled the beans. A decision has been made on the future of the show. What was the decision? Keep reading for the details.

Will DWTS stay on Disney+ for future seasons?

Frustrated fans (as well as some dancers and celebs) are hopeful that the decision will be reverted and DWTS will move back to ABC for future seasons. According to The Sun, an anonymous source confirms a decision has been made about the future of the show. Unfortunately for those who aren’t happy with the Disney+ move, there aren’t any plans to move the dancing competition back to ABC.

Here’s what the source close to the executives had to say to The Sun:

Disney Plus will be our home next year is what we have been told. The move from ABC is going on as far as the executive team sees it, meaning they want to give viewers time to migrate over from their old home on terrestrial TV.”

The source also confirmed there have been concerns about how far viewership has fallen since the move to ABC. The concerns, however, aren’t great enough to encourage a move back to ABC.

Mark Ballas and Charli D'Amelio from Instagram
DWTS – Instagram

The inside source continued: “Backstage too there has been conversations and worries expressed about ratings.”

With executives standing firm in their decision to remain on Disney+, the professional dancers are understandably concerned about the future of the show. Could a failure to launch on Disney+ result in the show getting canceled?

Were you frustrated with the decision to move Dancing With The Stars to Disney+? Were you hoping the executives made the decision to move the show back? Let us know what you think of this update in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more DWTS news.

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  1. Disney + exec blew it. The constant miss steps by the awful Tyra was the first nail in the coffin and the final nail was the move to Disney+, and I already had a subscription to plus for my grandkids. Too many better shows on other prime time networks. I’m done with it.

  2. I have watched DWTS since the beginning. I refuse to watch the show because it moved to Disney Plus and I don’t want to pay for one more network with so many out there. Secondly, I will not watch it again until they get rid of Tyra Banks. She has ruined the show. I might even consider paying for Disney Plus if they get rid of Tyra Banks.

    1. yes all these shows are streaming to other networks.Not paying for all these streaming networks.Loved watching the show but not enough to pay for it.

  3. The first mistake was having Tyra host. Pls get rid of her. Second mistake is moving to Disney+. Many of my family & friends refuse to pay to watch one show. There arent enough other shows for adults to watch on Disney+

  4. That’a a shame. My mom for one does’nt have wifi in her home let alone internet.She used to enjoy watching DWTS. On a fixed income at 90.She can’t afford to add wifi and Disney to watch a tv show.

  5. I think the move to Disney+ was the second mistake DWTS, the first being Tyra Banks as host of the show. She did nothing to enhance the show, and was making the show ALL about her. I personally have watched DWTS from the very beginning and will not pay to watch on Disney+!!! PLEASE< PLEASE move back to ABC.

    1. I know she acted like the show was about her. The costume changes were were ridiculous she was trying to out dress the the other women on the show. And when she walks out she try’s to do the model walk but fails miserably. And then they go to streaming on Disney. I won’t watch this show again until they get rid of her and go back to to channel 7.

  6. DWTS was a favorite show of mine, looked forward to watching it every week until they moved it to Disney+. I won’t pay to add Disney+ to my already expensive cable bill. Disappointed!

  7. Tyra Banks is terrible as the host. get rid of her. As others have said Disney plus doesn’t have enough programs for adults to make it worth paying for

  8. Being one who has the Disney+ bundle it was a smooth transition to Disney + I could this only as an issue for the Boomer generation that may still pay for cable and hasn’t seen the major shift to streaming…

  9. Move back to ABC. Disney + is too expensive. Getting rid of Tyra Banks would also be a plus. So sick of her “model” walk and the costumes showing everything coming out the front on the top and bottom. Disgusting Disney.

  10. Get rid of Tyra !!
    She is not an asset for the show. I am fine with the move to Disney with no commercials. Watch every week /

  11. It’s not about screaming, it’s that I have to pay to watch. I am for sure not paying to watch with Tyra as terrible host. Bachelor & Bachelorette which is two nights, give up Monday night for DWTS!!!!!

  12. I was a loyal viewer but not any more – will not pay to watch the show. I already pay enough for cable.

  13. Get rid of Tyra and back on regular I have watched since the beginning but she is really awful I have Disney plus for my grandchildren but I won’t watch sets anymore

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