Robyn Brown Had No Idea Christine & Kody Were Struggling

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Robyn Brown is claiming that she had no idea Kody and Christine had problems. Yet the couple had been on a downward spiral for over a decade. This is according to Christine who shared early on in Season 17 when their struggles began. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, Robyn is saying she thought things were fine. Yet, this is the direct opposite of something she shared with Meri in last week’s episode. Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Thought Things Were Fine With Kody & Christine

When Christine returned from North Carolina and dropping off Ysabel, she called a family meeting. She had some big news to share with her former sister wives and Kody. Her Flagstaff home had been sold therefore she and Truely would be moving to Utah within a week. This was huge for everyone to hear because now it was real. Of course, the issue of if the couple was actually divorced came up. To Robyn, they needed to get the release from their church.

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Christine has already said that she does not practice within the church anymore so she does not need their validation. Apparently, she would also need to be with another man to officially be divorced, as well. Then, the subject of Christine and Kody’s struggles came up. Robyn tried to claim that she thought everyone was doing really well in Vegas. This is completely contradictory to what she had said to Meri just last week.

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When Meri and Robyn were chatting on the porch together about rebuilding the family, Meri asked Robyn if she knew about anything before Flagstaff. Robyn, point blank, told Meri that Christine had been talking about leaving Kody back in Vegas. So to say she had no idea they were struggling is a boldfaced lie. She wants the family to stay together because Kody is miserable to be around but it is simply too late for that.

When It Fell Apart

According to Christine, the marriage actually started to unravel in Utah when she was pregnant with Truely. She had to pick up a job to bring in some income therefore Aspyn became responsible for her siblings. The elder sibling had to tuck all of them in which Christine struggled with so she asked Kody for help. Allegedly, he declined but he claims that he felt Christine just wanted more than the other wives. This was at a time when either Robyn Brown was not in the family or still being courted. So, she really has no idea what she is talking about. She has only gotten the good Kody until Christine decided she was done.

Do you think Robyn Brown really thought things were fine in Kody and Christine’s marriage? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I think Sobyn is a ball face liar. The troubles started when she came in the picture. She also wanted everything and did not care who she hurt

  2. Now Sobryn wants to be angry that she has to deal with Kody? It’s a mess she helped create. She wanted that balding thing and now she has him. He dumped Mary, whose like a barnacle on a ship that stays put, and he does not have sex with Janel any longer….and that’s suppose to be ok? Because those were HIS decisions. Christine left him and narcissistic As he is? He can’t fathom anyone leaving him.
    The majority of his children don’t know him. He abandoned some in their time of need.
    I’m glad Christine left, I’m hopeful Janel will do the same. Mary? Lol she functions better miserable so she will stick around where she’s not wanted.

  3. Robyn is so far up Kody and dominates how he is to treat the other women. She does not want anyone to leave because they all contribute to Kody’s money. They will never let Meri go because she brings in more than anyone else. The entire show is about money and nothing else. The show needs to be cancelled because of how terrible Kody yells at Christine. It is so abusive that I can’t watch him.

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