Netflix Says Ad-Supported Plan Changes Nothing

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Netflix just released its new ad-supported plan. As with anything new, this was met with fear and trepedition from subscribers. It grew as misinformation about this plan leaked out on social media. The streaming giant attempted to nip the false rumors in the bud by addressing them.

Here is what Netflix had to say and what you need to know about the new ad-supported plan.

Netflix says nothing is changing with the streaming service

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Netflix released its new ad-supported plan, which is something the company did to both help those who are struggling with rising costs of entertainment and to also help add subscribers after losing a lot over the last year. This plan costs $6.99/month and includes ads. However, the regular plan remains the same.

Of course, subscribers worried they would lose something when this switchover happened. Many wondered if Netflix would limit was they showed based on the plan tiers. Others were confused about the ad-supported plan compared to the one that always existed. There were then those who have heard the rumors that Netflix will go after subscribers who share their accounts.

In a post on Instagram, Netflix tried to set subscribers’ minds at ease. “Enjoy your Netflix experience exactly as it is today? Great! Nothing about the way you watch Netflix is going to change,” the company wrote. They then mentioned the new lower-priced ad-supported plan and suggested people visit to get more information.

Even with this announcement, commenters proved they still didn’t get it. Some accused Netflix of trying to “make more money” and others said that adding “ads” was a bad business decision. At the moment, even when Netflix lowers prices for some customers, it still isn’t enough.

What to expect from ad-supported plan

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Here is what this means for Netflix and its subscribers. The company added a new tier that only costs $6.99 a month. This includes ads at the basic cost. There will be a limited number of ads during movies and TV shows. This is not exclusive to Netflix. Streaming services like Peacock and Hulu also have these tiers. For one price, subscribers watch shows and movies and see ads. For a higher price, there are no ads.

The regular basic price of $9.99 is still there and there are no ads. This used to be the lowest cost for subscribers. Adding the ad-supported tier will save people $3 a month only if they want to downgrade. There is also the $15.49 price rate, which ups the audio and video to HD. Finally, there is the $19.99 premium tier that gives people the shows and movies in 4K.

The only thing that changed was that Netflix created a lower-priced tier to save people some money at the expense of ads.

Are you going to drop down to Netflix ad-supported, or will you stick with the regular service? Are you worried things will change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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