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Kody Brown Spits In Janelle’s Face With Unfair Treatment

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Kody Brown tends to favor one wife over the others and it is like being spit on. This was declared when Christine chose to leave the plural family. She essentially said that the world revolved around Robyn. No one got the same treatment as her. Now, fans are piggybacking this when it comes to a preview of Kody panicking over Robyn having Covid. His reaction to her illness was far contradictory to how he reacted when Janelle was sick and he is being called out on it. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Shows Unfair Treatment With Covid Care

A big issue in the past few seasons has been the pandemic. Kody has acted super vigilant, even pushing his kids and wives away when he feels they are not as safe as he wants them to be. Early in Season 17, Janelle contracted Covid along with her youngest daughter, Savanah. Kody just hoped their symptoms were not too severe. However, a fan on Reddit pointed out that he had a debate with their son, Gabe a few seasons back. Kody claimed he would have been the one to take care of Janelle if she fell ill but Gabe disputed that.

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Gabe claimed that he and his brother, Garrison would take care of their mom. It was then noted that when she got sick, Kody was MIA. However, the moment Robyn got the virus, Kody thought it was life or death and was right by her side. He literally showed Janelle he would risk getting sick for one wife and not the other. “I find Kody’s behavior toward his wives to be unfair and unloving. He’s not the man of integrity he holds himself out to be,” a Redditor noted.

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Another added: “I really hope Janelle brings this up. Or Gabe.” That was followed by: “Not only isn’t he there to take care of her, he admits in “Telling Truely” he hasn’t been there in 2 months. He says something like to be on the safe side of making sure that Janelle &Savanah are no longer contagious.” One set of rules for one wife and another set for the other wife.

When Will He Learn?

Kody Brown is struggling with the idea that he has lost a wife in Christine. Yet, by his actions toward Janelle, he could be on his way to losing another. He admits that they are nothing more than good friends. More so, he shares that they have not acted married for years. However, she is the one who consistently stands up to him for poor behavior. So, why did she not tell him he was wrong for not being there when she was sick? Should she have had to go it alone?

How do you think the mother of six felt watching him panic over Robyn being sick when he did not seem to care when she was facing the same struggle? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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