Fans Say Kody Brown Doesn’t Deserve Kotex Nickname, Why?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been called many names over the years. From Kodouche to Grody, fans have experimented with several names that fit his snobby attitude and superiority complex. However, one nickname fans feel might not be well-suited to his condescending personality is ‘Kotex.’ Why do fans think so? Plus, why Kody was even nicknamed Kotex? Keep reading to find out the details!

Does Kody Brown Deserve The Nickname ‘Kotex’?

Kotex is a menstrual hygiene manufacturing brand that is based in the United States. But, referring to Kody as Kotex perpetuates the archaic notion that periods are somehow shameful, bad, and embarrassing. Talking about this subject, fans took to Reddit to share their opinion as the OP wrote, “Mostly joking, but I don’t think Kody deserves the nickname ‘Kotex’.”

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“Kotex is there for women when they need it. Kody never is,” they further elaborated.

Another Reddit user suggested, “Sorry, but Kidney is my current fave. He earned that one fair and square. I also get a hoot out of spelling it ‘Koyote’ Pass.”

“Sobyn Robyn worked really hard and earned her nickname too,” wrote a third fan.

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Referring to Meri Brown’s catfished incident, a fourth fan added, “And adjacently, gotta hand that catfish lady a Nobel prize for coming up with ‘Almost Meri’d.’ Frigging genius.”

A fifth user quipped, “I’m enjoying calling Robyn and Kody ‘Sperm and Perm.’”

One fan agreed with the Kotex nickname stating, “I agree about the nickname ‘Kotex’ however, women dispose and discard them into the trash.”

What Is The Origin Of The Nickname ‘Kotex’?

About the origin, speculations suggest that it started as a typo but went on to become a popular Kody Brown nickname. Some fans state that people called him Kotex because of the time Christine was upset that he didn’t stand up to his friend on the family’s behalf. His friend made an offensive comment about Kody having multiple wives. Instead of taking a stand, Kody claimed Christine for being unreasonable stating that it was her time of the month.

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Kody lectured Christine about her ‘hormonal’ emotions stating that he’s not a fan of PMS. He said, “From now on when you are like that I am walking away. I’m not addressing you, I’m not engaging you. I’m not going to have you rattle me to the core, in every sense of my being, and then act like it’s all okay.”

Christine Brown Gives In & Admits She Is PMSing

However, instead of defending herself, Christine gives in to him admitting that she is PMSing. Not just that, in an episode in the earlier seasons, he was seen recounting something he told a fellow polygamist husband. He stated that his wives are demonic when they’re on their periods. And that their monthly cycles make him feel abused. So, it is evident that the Brown family patriarch has had some not-so-glowing things to say about women and their menstrual cycle.

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What do you think of Kody being nicknamed Kotex? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.

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