‘BIP’ Spoilers: Sierra Jackson Confronts Michael Allio At Reunion

Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson via YouTube

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for the reunion show that filmed Friday are surfacing online. Reality Steve is dishing out what he was able to learn about the drama and things that have occurred since filming ended on the beaches of Mexico. Keep reading to find out more about what went down at the reunion between Sierra Jackson and Michael Allio. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: What happened between Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson

During the Bachelor in Paradise season, fans saw Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson start to bond on the beach. She thought he was really into her. However, things took a turn and Michael decided he wasn’t ready.

But, this led to speculation that he was possibly using her to buy time until Danielle Maltby showed up on the beach. Michael has since denied this. He says he never knew she was arriving in Paradise. Since Michael didn’t give Sierra a rose she decided to leave the beach since he was who she was interested in.

Sierra doesn’t seem to buy it though. She released a video indicating that it was all shady and not handled well by Michael.

Danielle, Michael and Sierra via YouTube
Danielle, Michael and Sierra via YouTube

As it turns out, it was supposedly not that Michael wasn’t ready for a relationship but rather that he wasn’t feeling things with Sierra although he certainly made it seem like he was.

Of course, this was all addressed at the reunion taping in Los Angeles on November 4. Sierra confronted Michael saying that she wishes he would have just been honest with her that he wasn’t into her rather than lying and saying he wasn’t ready.

Reality Steve shared on Twitter that Sierra claims Michael kissed her three times after they broke up. Steve said, “She said Michael kissed her 3 times after they broke up and was under the impression there was still a chance. Michael denied doing that.”

Michael Allio via YouTube
Michael Allio via YouTube

Where things stand now

There is no word if Michael and Sierra are now on good terms since speaking at the reunion. It appears that it turned into a he said, she said scenario.

Michael began dating Danielle right after Sierra left and the two were still going strong on the beach.

Stay tuned to see if Michael found love and what he’s been looking for with Danielle as the season edges closer to the big finale.

What do you think about the Sierra/Michael situation? Do you think Michael and Danielle are a good fit?



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