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‘BIP’ Spoilers: What Happens Between Justin, Eliza & Rodney?

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Eliza Isichei came into Bachelor in Paradise as one of the new ladies and quickly caught the eye of Rodney Mathews. Soon after they began their love story, Justin Glaze came back having left the beach already and told her he only came back for her.

Rodney had broken up with Lace Morris whom he initially connected with to go after Eliza. Justin had left after his relationships with Victoria Fuller and Genevieve Parisi didn’t work out. When Justin asked her on a date, Eliza surprised fans by approaching Rodney and all but demanding he tell her not to go. When he didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear, she went on the date.

She found a connection with Justin as well, despite the fact he ran and screamed when a bug landed on him. Back at the beach, Andrew Spencer said Justin was the shiny new toy and Rodney was the good guy, but he didn’t know how it would go.

Did Eliza Isichei and Rodney Survive The Test?

Rodney talked to Justin about Eliza Isichei and told him he was only going to pursue her and he was going to fight hard. Eliza told Rodney she didn’t think he cared because he didn’t tell her not to go. According to Life and Style, what he said was, “I don’t want you to go, like, clearly, but that might be what’s best for you to truly gain clarity. … I want you to be happy, I’m not going anywhere.”

Eliza and Rodney, YouTube
Eliza and Rodney, YouTube

When he decided to let her go on the date, Eliza became confused about their relationship. In the end, according to Reality Steve, she gave her rose to Rodney but then changed her mind saying she felt, “pressured,” and they both left single.

Fans are curious if they got back together after the show because they saw a post on Johnny DePhillipo’s Instagram where they were at a party together. There were a lot of Bachelor Nation stars present though, so they could have just been in the same place at the same time, not together. There’s also some speculation she had plans to hang out with Justin after Paradise.

Was She Going To Meet Up With Justin Glaze After Paradise?

Reality Steve posted the tweet below that revealed some gossip about Eliza Isichei and Justin after the show. They were supposed to meet up in Los Angeles but Justin said she ghosted him. Eliza said he didn’t reach out until eleven that night. One fan responded, “yeah texting for a booty call can be a real turn off.”

Time will tell what happens with Justin, Eliza, and Rodney. In the meantime there’s still a lot of Bachelor in Paradise left to watch and we’ll be covering it all! What do you think about the love triangle? Do you think Eliza was fair? Comment with your thoughts below.

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