‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player Leaves Pat Sajak Blushing

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Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak recently encountered an uncomfortable situation on the show. The 76-year-old admitted that he was embarrassed by the awkward storytelling session by a contestant on the latest episode. What happened on the show? More so, how did the host react to this uneasy situation? Keep reading to find out the details!

Pat Sajak Seemed Lost For Words At Laura’s Story

The ABC game show’s Friday episode saw Elicia, Laura, and Matthew compete for a European vacation and one million dollars. After the initial toss-up, Pat had his usual conversation with the contestants, getting to know them. During this segment, contestant Laura shared a story about the time of an extremely embarrassing situation with her daughter.

Laura YouTube Wheel Of Fortune

[Source: YouTube]

“So when she graduated middle school, I dressed up in a huge inflatable cow costume and showed up at her school,” she revealed.

Pat, who seemed lost for words, chimed in, “That is embarrassing.”

“Wow! I’m embarrassed to hear about that!” he continued.

Pat Sajak Vanna White YouTube Wheel Of Fortune

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Laura also talked on the show about her boyfriend, Trent, who she has been dating for 13 years. In a curious and cheeky tone, the host asked, “Does he ever dress up as an animal?”

“No, he’s pretty chill,” she replied, laughing.

As Pat blinked his eyes in embarrassment, he tried to wrap up the conversation, stating, “I think we’re through.”

Pat Sajak Blatantly Snubs A Proud Grandmother

As per The Sun, this isn’t the first awkward interaction Pat has had with his contestants in the latest season. Earlier this week, the Daytime Emmy Award Winner shut down a grandmother who tried to share details of a sweet story about her family.

“The oldest just graduated, she’s 18, and the youngest is a rambunctious two-year-old!” revealed the player seemingly proud.

Pat Sajak YouTube Wheel Of Fortune

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However, Pat seemed uninterested in taking the conversation further as he responded, “Alright, well I think, I believe all two-year-olds are rambunctious.”

Fans Think Pat Sajak Should Retire From The Show

Pat Sajak has held his position on the show for quite a long time. He joined Wheel Of Fortune in 1981 after Chuck Woolery and Alex Trebek. However, the host has seemed disillusioned with his job lately. This is especially evident during the interview segments. It could be a sign that the host is finally preparing to step down from his role after giving it 41 years.

Pat Sajak YouTube Wheel Of Fortune

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Back in September, in an interview, he hinted at the end of his stint on the show. He said, “We’re not going to do this for another 40 years. The end is near.”

This comes after fans called him out on his increasingly sick on-screen demeanor. They wished for him to either be fired or retire from the show. Not just that, the Wheel Of Fortune crew has also complained about the host’s behavior in the past.

Pat Sajak YouTube Wheel Of Fortune

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Pat Sajak should retire from hosting Wheel Of Fortune? And what do you think of his latest embarrassing encounter? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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