‘Teen Mom’ Cheyenne Floyd’s Husband Behind Bars & Gets Fined

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Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd just watched her fairytale crumble. In September, she married Zach Davis in a lavish ceremony. Some of her co-stars from the franchise were in attendance for the big day. Along with that, the couple was able to move into a multi-million dollar home with their two children. Then, the rug was pulled out from underneath when Zach was ordered to serve jail time. So, is he finally behind bars, and for how long? Read on for more details.

A Teen Mom Incarceration

Yes, each did turn himself in on November 1st, according to The Sun. This all comes from a DUI that occurred back in 2020. Shortly after he married Cheyenne, he changed his plea to no contest. It was said that his time behind bars would not be long at all and they were not lying. He was released after twenty-five hours. However, there are still some things that Zach must do to go along with his sentencing. He was ordered to pay a $500 fine. Plus, he will be on probation for sixty months.

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Additionally, Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared that he: “must complete four days of community labor and participate in an 18-month licensed alcohol education and counseling program.” Yes, his time in jail was very short but Cheyenne helped clarify a part of the reason for that: “When he got arrested originally for the DUI he did time then… so all the time that he served back then is added onto here. So basically, when he goes in, he’s checking in and checking out.”

A Rough Year So Far

The Teen Mom couple has admittedly had a rough year despite the glory of their special day. A focal point early in The Next Chapter was how they literally dodged thirteen bullets. Cheyenne and Zach were in their car with their two kids, Ace and Ryder. Ryder is Cheyenne’s daughter with her ex, Cory Wharton, seen on TM and The Challenge. In any case, the family of four was in the car when they were shot at multiple times. Fortunately, nobody was physically hurt. However, it was extremely difficult for Cheyenne as a mother to deal with it.

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Sadly, the gunman never showed up at the courthouse and the couple never named names in the show. Therefore, it is something she has to live with forever. Now, Cheyenne and Zach have opened up about that incident, they can begin to put the DUI behind them, and begin their new life together as husband and wife. Hopefully, things just go onward and upward from here for them.

Are you surprised how fast the Teen Mom star was in and out of jail? Let us know and watch The Next Chapter Tuesdays on MTV.


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