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‘SNL’ Alum Chris Redd Opens Up About His Bloody Assault


Saturday Night Live alum Chris Redd recently opened up about his bloody assault that happened in New York City. The Primetime Emmy Award winner appeared in The Last Laugh podcast and talked about the incident where an unidentified assailant struck him in the face. The comedian was to perform at The Comedy Cellar right when this incident occurred.

Chris Redd Revealed He Texted His Cousin Before The Attack

In the preview of the podcast, the 37-year-old described the incident as the “surprise party of one fist.” He shared his story and also stated that some media outlets weren’t reporting the details correctly. The actor revealed that he didn’t get out of the car as reported. Rather, he walked to The Comedy Cellar just like any other New Yorker would do.

Chris Redd Saturday Night Live YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The Disjointed actor further revealed, “I just got done texting my cousin who’s in Olive Tree café above the Comedy Cellar, so I could go eat some of his fries before I got to hit the stage real quick for my first set of three.”

“And as I put my phone in my pocket and continued to walk up to the Cellar, this man hit me in the face with something metal. I thought it was brass knuckles because it cut my nose to the bone,” he explained.

Chris Redd Wasn’t Terrified Of The Attack

As per, Redd further added that he has been learning boxing for years. So, he is aware of how punches work as he had taken a punch and more in the face in the past. However, he confirmed that this wasn’t a punch, but a full-fledged attack. Although Redd wasn’t terrified of the attack, he was worried seeing the amount of blood gushing out of his face.

Chris Redd Saturday Night Live YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The stand-up comedian also explained the details of his injury and said, “I got two fractures in my nose and a fracture in my cheek, but you know, a fist don’t normally do all of that at one time. So, it was safe to assume I was hit with something. The dude who hit me ran off. I was just sitting there, I fell down so fast I didn’t even know I fell until I looked at the footage.”

SNL Alum Chris Redd’s Assailant Is Still At Large

Given the severity of the blow, Redd was gushing blood which prevented him from locating his attacker after he ran away. After the assault, someone from the comedy club called an ambulance that transported him to the hospital. Initially, Redd thought of continuing with his set after the attack if the bleeding was to stop.

Chris Redd Saturday Night Live YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Despite the trauma he went through, Redd has managed to turn the situation in his favor. He has turned it into some of the materials for his show. As of now, the assailant hasn’t been identified and no arrests have been made.

The Last Laugh podcast with Chris Redd airs next Tuesday, November 8, on all podcasting platforms. Share your thoughts on this unfortunate incident in the comments!

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