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Ryan Seacrest Shuts Down, Flustered By Kelly Ripa

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Ryan Seacrest shut down on the latest broadcast of Live! He got flustered by Kelly Ripa. Her co-host tried to change the subject as they talked about deeply personal topics. The American Idol co-host refused to answer questions on Thursday’s broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

At first, the two had a casual conversation about the weather and their pets. Things got personal when they discussed relationships and dating. Some of the topics got Ryan flustered. He admitted that he gets attached to other people’s pets. Only with those he has dated over the years.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]

Does Ryan Seacrest try to shut down the show?

Kelly couldn’t understand what he meant. She wanted to know how many pets he got attached to over the years. Ryan Seacrest looked away uncomfortably, as she made it sound like he had a high relationship count. Even Kelly cracked up after she realized what she asked.

Ryan Seacrest looked down at his hands as he pretended to count. He laughed and then tried to change to subject. The flustered co-host reached over his desk to grab a piece of paper to focus on something else. He pretended as if he was reading a fact on the sheet.

“One in four pet owners,” Ryan Seacrest joked. “No, you have different relationships and they have dogs.”

Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
Kelly wanted him to share what he was talking about. He said he’s been attached to his exes’ pets. Not only does he miss his exes, but he misses their pets too. Ryan has been in a string of relationships with many women over the years. His latest relationship is with Instagram influence Audrey Paige.

Kelly Ripa gets candid about her co-host

Kelly Ripa talked about her friendship with Ryan Seacrest. The two have known each other for 20 years. She described him as the “kid brother I never had.” Their friendship is obvious whenever they co-host the talk show.

“What is unique is that two of us, I don’t wanna say a psychic ability, but we have a shorthand,” Kelly Ripa explained on the Dear Gabby podcast. “We have the ability to read each other in a way where I know where his breaking points are and he knows where mine are.”

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
The two have shared many moments, on and off the screen. Kelly also shared that they are always there for one another during bad times. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Kelly revealed there were “dark moments” in her career where she considered quitting. On her birthday, Ryan Seacrest dedicated a heartwarming post to her on social media.

What are your thoughts on Kelly making Ryan flustered? Do you think the two have a good camaraderie with one another? Sound off below in the comment section.

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