‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’: Meghan Crumpler Warns Of Imposter

Meghan Crumpler from Instagram

1000-Lb. Best Friends fans love to follow the cast online, including Meghan Crumpler. The TLC personality is so excited to share her weight loss journey with fans. When the cameras stopped filming, Meghan remained determined to stick to her goals.

Fans generally love hearing updates from the TLC star, but she recently had some unsettling news to share with followers. Meghan recently put out a warning for fans and said they need to keep their guard up.

What exactly is going on? Do fans need to be concerned, or just cautious? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Someone apparently made a Meghan Crumpler catfish account

Many reality TV stars are active on social media and really enjoy engaging with fans. However, sometimes fans take things a step too far and create catfish accounts, pretending to be people they aren’t. Meghan Crumpler of 1000-Lb. Best Friends unfortunately shared that someone had made a fake Instagram account in her name.

Meghan Crumpler from Instagram
Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

“This is a fake copy of me please report it asap! They added on an _ to the end of my name,” the TLC star shared on her Instagram page. She included a screenshot of the fraudulent account and warned fans to be on guard.

Meghan Crumpler from Instagram
Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

I was unsure if it was really you!! Reporting 🖤” one fan wrote in the comments. Several other of Meghan’s followers added that the account followed them, but it appeared to be gone now.

It’s not at all uncommon for scammers to make fake accounts for celebrities, including reality TV stars. This fake Meghan account may be gone, but more may pop up later. Reality TV fans should keep their guard up and be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

When is 1000-Lb. Best Friends coming back to TLC?

A lot of 1000-Lb. Best Friends fans think that the show will be back for another season. However, TLC still hasn’t officially confirmed or denied that news. Over the summer, the women began posting more regularly on their Instagram pages. Vannessa Cross posted carefully posed photos that show off her face, but not her body. Fans thought she might be trying to conceal her weight loss as per her contract with TLC.

But if the show does come back for another season, there will be many storylines to follow. For starters, Tina Arnold has picked up new exercise routines and even went vegetarian. And of course, fans are always eager to hear more about Vannessa’s life and weight loss journey.

At this point, it could very well just be a matter of time before TLC makes an announcement about the fate of 1000-Lb. best Friends.

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