Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird Announces ‘She’s Back’


Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird is officially taking her postpartum body out for a ride. The mother of four gave birth to her twins Stella and Sylus back in May. Prior to that, she had delivered her son, Bentley in July 2021. Therefore, there was not much of a lapse between baby number two and the twins. Now, it seems that she has gotten her groove back and she is showing it off all over Las Vegas. Read on to see how incredible Pumpkin looks.

Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird Declares That She Is ‘Back’

Earlier, TV Shows Ace showed how Pumpkin slayed in a belly-baring look. She and her husband, Josh are off in Vegas and they started their time in relaxed mode. However, it quickly shifted to slay mode when Pumpkin switched up her look. She donned white heeled ankle boots, black pants, and a sheer shimmery top that showed off her tummy. Underneath that was a black crop top which was topped off by a denim coat. her body confidence was out of this world but no one knew what was coming next.


In a TikTok, Pumpkin took it to another level in a red, cleavage-baring halter top with matching lips. On the bottom, she wore an above-the-knee fitted black skirt with matching red-heeled ankle boots. Her newly finished sleeve was on full display and she captioned the video: “SHE’S BACKKKKK.” She also had the hashtag #hotmama in there, as well.

@pimpinp1 SHE’S BACKKKKK🥰😘🥵 #GenshinImpact32 #foryoupage #hotmama #vegas ♬ original sound – TheAffection

Her followers were quick to comment on how great she looked. “OKAY PUMPKIN, GO OFF STUNNER!” one noted. Another added: “4 kids where?!?” That was followed up by: “omg pumpkin you are freaking stunning and gorgeous and looking good.” It was nothing but positive feedback plus a number of people wanted to know where she got that top.

A New Life

Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird is seemingly adjusting well to her new life as a mother of four. At first, it looked like it was a bit of a struggle. She had messaged her mother, Mama June to let her know her cabinets were empty. Her response was to get on TikTok and make money. Fortunately, her Aunt Doe Doe came to the rescue with baby supplies and such. Pumpkin, who got sole custody of her sister Honey Boo Boo in April, has been hustling a lot. She is on Cameo and the family loves doing meet and greets. Plus, there is a lot of talk about a spinoff with Pumpkin and HBB sans Mama June. Some have even said it is already filming so stay tuned.

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