Kardashian Fans Horrified, Drag Kim As ‘Bobblehead Skinny’

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Kardashian fans are horrified over Kim’s latest look. Some of them are calling her “bobblehead skinny.” The new skinny on the reality star is that she lost over 20 pounds earlier this year. Kim has enjoyed the benefits of her new diet and exercise regimen.

However, she’s had fans concerned about her new body. Kim became known for her big booty and ample curves. She lost her curves when she was involved with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. Kim shocked fans with her latest look at her mom Kris Jenner’s birthday party. Find out why fans are calling her all sorts of names, including “bobblehead.”

Kim Kardashian On The Kardashians [Hulu | YouTube]
[Hulu | YouTube]

Kris Jenner celebrates her 67th birthday

On Saturday, November 5, Kris Jenner celebrated her 67th birthday. Her daughters wanted to honor her in a big way. They wore short black wigs and dressed up in some of her iconic dresses. Kim had Kardashian fans concerned about her when she showed off her incredibly small figure at her mom’s birthday party.

All of Kris’s daughters attended the lavish ceremony except for Kendall Jenner. They had an intimate dinner in honor of the momager’s birthday. Fans did a double-take, not only because Kim looked like Kris, but also because she looked smaller than ever. Kim took to her Instagram Story to post a series of photos and clips of herself in an emerald green sequined long-sleeve dress.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Small Figure [Kim Kardashian | Instagram Stories]
[Kim Kardashian | Instagram Stories]
The long dress featured a high neck with a mock white collar and a black bowtie. Kim paired the look with diamond earrings. She also wore a wig styled in her mom’s iconic hairstyle. The influencer looked smaller than ever. Gone was her ample behind and big breasts.

In one of the posts on her Instagram Story, Kim confidently put her hand on her hip as she posed in the mirror.  She informed her fans that it was her mom’s birthday. Kim and her sisters wanted to wear some of her iconic dresses. Her mom wore the emerald green dress from their Kardashian Christmas card 10 years ago.

Kim Kardashian likened to a ‘bobblehead’

Some Kardashian fans think her small frame combined with her wig made her look like a “bobblehead.” They thought the look wasn’t flattering on her. Kim shared a clip of herself dancing on TikTok. Kardashian fans took to the comment section to express concern about her.


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  • “Her body is too small for her head now.”
  • “It’s hard to look at.”
  • “She looks sickly.”
  • “Like a bobblehead. “
  • “I’ve watched this 20 times and still can’t believe it’s 2022 Kim Kardashian.”
  • “Pretty sure the wig making her head look bigger than usual. Short wigs can make your head look disproportionately large.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Kim Kardashian looks like a bobblehead? Or, do you think she looks great? Sound off below in the comment section.

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