‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings Continues Breaking OG Rules?

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Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings has taken it upon himself to bend the games’ original rules to his will. In the latest Tournament Of Champions 2022 episode, the 48-year-old was seen denying a contestant the chance to correct his answer. As Ken laughed at the contestant’s mistake, he gave away the winnings to an opponent. What happened? Keep reading to find out the details!

Ken Jennings Takes A Harsh Decision Against Eric Ahasic

On Friday’s Tournament Of Champions episode, Ken was seen making a tough decision as he refused meteorologist Eric Ahasic from correcting his response. Eric went up against consultant Jaskaran Singh and pension calculation developer Jackie Kelly. Just before Double Jeopardy in the last clue, he went out of luck.

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The host read out the clue for the contestant from the ‘homophones’ category, “A visual aid following ‘pie’ and newspaper slang following ‘nut.’”

Eric immediately buzzed in, looking confident about his answer as he said, “What is chart?”

“No,” replied the host as Eric quickly tried to correct his answer and shouted abruptly, “Graph!”

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However, his fellow contestant Jaskaran buzzed in and calmly answered, “What is graph/graf?”

As Ken gave away the points to Jaskaran, he chuckled and said, “That is correct. Eric helped you out there.”

Fans Agree With Jeopardy! Host Ken Jenning’s Ruling

Eric was seen pulling a face over his mistake as someone else got his share of points. While Jaskaran did buzz in with the right answer, fans are divided over the host’s decision to snub Eric. As per The Sun, fans took to social media to share their opinion on the decision.

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One wrote, “Ken cut off a player’s correction of the final cue in the first round…”

However, another seemed to be in sync with the host’s decision as they wrote, “You don’t get two guesses.”

A third agreed, “Players are only able to correct if the first answer hasn’t been ruled against yet. Ken had already said no when Eric corrected himself.”

Jeopardy! Executives Making The Show More Like Sports

Ken’s strict Jeopardy! rules enforcement comes after the show’s executives revealed that they are trying to introduce big changes to the show, making it more like sports. The game show has lately been scrutinized by fans for the tricky decisions being taken by hosts Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings.

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One such moment was when viewers showcased their disappointment over Sadie Goldberg’s loss to Megan Wachpress in June. Even though her Final Jeopardy answer was correct, the host deemed it incomplete. Fans felt that the contestant was robbed as she ran out of time while writing the last letters of her answer. However, Sadie was given another chance with the Second Chance Tournament which saw her reach the semi-finals.

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What do you think of Ken Jennings’ decision on Tournament Of Champions 2022? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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