Aaron Carter Pulled Over For Suspected DUI Days Before Death

Aaron Carter/ Credit: iRocktography / Creative Commons

News of Aaron Carter’s death has brought fans of pop music from the 90s to their knees with sadness. At just 34 years old, fans of the young singer are in agreement that he has passed away far too soon. Presently, reports of his death reveal Aaron Carter was discovered drowned in the bathtub of his home.

While homicide detectives were called in, there is not any foul play suspected to be his cause of death. More details have yet to be revealed, but many are suspecting his death was related to his struggles with substance abuse.

According to a report from TMZ, Aaron Carter actually had a run-in with the cops just days before his passing. On Tuesday of the same week he passed away, Aaron was pulled over by the cops on a suspected DUI. The 34-year-old was reportedly pulled over after authorities were alerted to an RV weaving in and out of traffic.

Aaron Carter - Credit: iRocktography
Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter pulled over for suspected DUI days before his death

Per TMZ‘s report, Aaron Carter was pulled over on Tuesday around 10:45 A.M. He was driving an RV at the time when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department received a phone call that the driver of the RV was weaving into traffic and the witness suspected the driver was under the influence of alcohol or some other substance.

When officers first pulled him over, they had no idea it was Aaron Carter driving the RV. After learning who it was, they conducted field sobriety tests. These tests determined that Aaron was not under the influence of anything at the time.

Per TMZ, it was reported to be a very windy day in Antelope Valley. So, it is possible the wind was just causing the RV to sway in and out of traffic. Pictures obtained by TMZ, reveal Aaron locked his keys inside the RV and used the roof hatch to get back inside. It is unclear who alerted authorities. Is on and off girlfriend, Melanie Martin, was driving behind the RV at the time in a white Range Rover.

Aaron Carter later posted about the incident on his Instagram: “When you do the right thing, you don’t get in trouble. Do the right thing, that’s what you do.”


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As those who have followed Aaron Carter know, this isn’t the first run-in with the cops. Authorities were once called to do a wellness check on Aaron after fans suspected he was doing drugs during an IG Live. Aaron argued he was joking around during his life and no drugs were found on the scene. At this time, it is unclear whether drugs played a role in his passing.

Rest in peace, Aaron Carter.

Feature Image: Aaron Carter/ Credit: iRocktography / Creative Commons

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