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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Engaged & Getting Married Soon

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Shocking 1000-Lb. Sisters fans as Tammy Slaton is now engaged and getting married very soon. The Sun exclusively confirmed Tammy was engaged (with photos of the sweet moment) after an anonymous source close to the TLC star spilled the beans. Who is engaged to Tammy Slaton and when is this whirlwind wedding taking place? Keep reading for the details.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton Engaged, Getting Married Soon

According to The Sun, Tammy Slaton met her fiance Caleb at rehab in Ohio. An anonymous source confirmed Caleb proposed to Tammy in the parking lot of the rehab center and she accepted both his proposal and his diamond ring. As those who have followed Tammy know, she hasn’t exactly had the best luck in the dating world. On the show, fans got to meet boyfriends Jerry Sykes and the BBW King. Both fans and her family determined neither of these men were right for her as she met them online because they fetishized larger women.

Tammy Slaton New Boyfriend Weight Loss Attitude Problem

The source speaking to The Sun implied the people who love Tammy feel differently about her new man because she met him in person at the rehab center instead of online because he had a thing for big women. Turns out, at least some of Tammy’s loved ones think Caleb is a new chapter in Tammy’s life that she needs. The individual spilling the means to the media outlet noted that Caleb and Tammy connect and relate to each other because they share some of the same struggles in life.

According to the exclusive report, Tammy Slaton and Caleb got engaged toward the end of October. And, they don’t plan on wasting any time getting married. Presently, Caleb and Tammy plan to have a small wedding ceremony some time this month in Ohio. Furthermore, Caleb plans to move to Kentucky with Tammy when they get out of rehab.

Presently, it is unknown whether TLC cameras will be invited to film the wedding ceremony for fans. Fans, however, suspect that Tammy Slaton would likely agree to it in exchange for a paycheck. Likewise, it is unclear whether Tammy’s family (including Amy, Amanda, and Chris) would travel to attend the wedding.

While fans are in agreement meeting someone in rehab is way better for Tammy than meeting someone online who fetishizes her and doesn’t want her to lose weight, many fans still believe she should focus on losing weight before she concerns herself with romance and marriage.

What do you think about Tammy Slaton getting engaged? Are you surprised the wedding is happening so soon?

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  1. yes Tammy is happy but still need to lose weight utim so very happy for Tammy I stared watching TV show with my husband but he passed a way hey what’s a fan of Tammy’s but since my husband has passed away I have not been able to watch the show because I don’t have cable TV I’ve been reading it on the phone congratulations Tammy on your marriage and weight loss keep up the good work girl love you

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