Still of Morgan Bell at the 'MAFS' Season 15 Reunion.

‘MAFS’ Fans Upset Morgan Was Not Held Accountable

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Married at First Sight fans are fuming that Morgan Bell was cut too much slack on the Season 15 reunion. During Part 1 on November 2, host Kevin Frazier largely pointed the finger at Justin Davis for Morgan and Binh Trinh’s failed marriage. Nobody seemed to acknowledge that Morgan also contributed to the downfall of her relationship. This made it look like she walked away blameless from the situation, angering viewers.

Fans are upset not only with her but with the host and show makers as well. Many feel that they should hold Morgan accountable for her mistakes. Meanwhile, Justin made some shocking accusations of his own at the San Diego reunion. Read all about it on TV Shows Ace and keep scrolling to find out what fans said about Morgan.

Side-by-side stills of Morgan Bell, Binh Trinh, Kevin Frazier, and Justin Davis at the 'MAFS' Season 15 Reunion.
Morgan and Binh sit quietly as host Kevin Frazier puts Justin on the spot.
[Credit: Lifetime/YouTube]

Did MAFS’ Morgan Bell Get Off Easy?

Part 1 of the MAFS Season 15 Reunion revisited much of the Morgan and Binh drama that ultimately ended in their divorce. As fans will remember, the couple set off to a rocky start during the honeymoon when Binh questioned Mogan’s nursing credentials. It also transpired that she had lied about her finances.

Instead of talking things over with her, Binh turned to Justin for advice. He confided in him and continued to do so, which made Morgan feel betrayed and ashamed. She later found out from Justin’s wife, Alexis Williams, that Justin had their private conversations on speakerphone and was using their problems for his own amusement. In the end, Morgan and Binh split up halfway through MAFS Season 15.

At the reunion, the host seemed to suggest that their rift was caused by Justin’s involvement. Kevin asked Binh if he felt Justin “did him dirty” and all three seemed to agree Justin was at fault.

Kevin even pointed out: “You think you’re having man-to-man conversations. He’s putting you on speakerphone with his wife listening.”

Stiil of Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh at the 'MAFS' Season 15 reunion.
Credit: Lifetime/YouTube

This didn’t sit well with viewers, who felt Morgan’s behavior toward Binh should be called out. Many thought she acted too harshly with Binh because of what went down with Justin. Fans also said she brushed off Binh’s apology. Enraged, they took to Twitter to blame Morgan for not taking responsibility for her failed marriage.

Here’s What MAFS Fans Said About Morgan

Fans of the show had a big problem with Morgan getting off scot-free. They flew off the handle, calling her “judgemental, egocentric, narcissistic, masculine, immature, condescending and conceited.” And all that was just one tweet. What followed were disparaging memes and harsh accusations, with one person tweeting the host “let Morgan skate through with ZERO accountability for her actions.”

Another tweep shaded everyone on the show for not calling Morgan out: “With the exception of Nate, not a single person on this show, including the experts and host of the reunion, held Morgan accountable for her actions. Binh didn’t need to prove anything to us at the reunion.”


People also weren’t happy that Bihn was still apologizing to Morgan one month after their divorce. At the time, he invited her out to brunch to make amends and admitted he wasn’t actually ready for marriage.


Fans also claimed Morgan lied when she said she never got a “real” apology from Binh during their marriage.

At the reunion, Morgan confessed her “regret” for backing out of the marriage “early” but fans were having none of that.

Do you think the show makers went too easy on Morgan? How much is Justin to blame here? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

MAFS Season 15 Reunion Part 2 airs on November 9 at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news about the couples!



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