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Carlin Stewart Dishes On ‘Marriage Debate,’ Says ‘It’s Getting Bad’

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Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Stewart told fans all about her “marriage debate” with her husband, Evan, and revealed just how “bad” things are getting these days. What’s going on between this Bates couple? Keep reading for all of the details.

On Thursday, on their way home from working at the Bates Sisters Boutique all day, Carlin and Evan talked to fans via her Instagram Stories. Evan recently had to quit his job due to Carlin’s mysterious health issues. So that he can be home with her and the kids and take her to her various appointments, he decided to work at the Bates Sisters Boutique with his wife and in-laws, Whitney and Zach Bates.

Carlin Stewart YouTube

While chatting with fans, Carlin got real about her marriage and the “debate” she and her husband frequently have.

Carlin Stewart opens up about her ‘marriage debate.’

On her Instagram Stories, Carlin informed fans of what was going on. She said, “We’re having a marriage debate. It’s getting bad. This is a regular argument that we go over.” Evan admits that this seems to be a challenge for many couples, from what he’s heard. So, it’s not just him and Carlin debating this issue.

Carlin Stewart said that Evan didn’t transfer the burger meat from the freezer to the fridge as she requested. So, their dinner plans fell apart. She asked him how he could have forgotten to do this. Evan and Carlin added that this little mistake wasn’t the issue.

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The problem is what came after Evan forgot to thaw the meat. The couple explained to their social media followers that they now have to agree on a place to eat dinner. They want to eat dinner together at the same place, but they can’t seem to make a decision. Sometimes, Evan will suggest a restaurant, and then Carlin turns it down despite saying she didn’t have a preference.

Carlin Stewart added, “Not gonna lie…it normally ends in frustration because we are both so indecisive.”

So, fortunately, it looks like Evan and Carlin are totally fine. This “debate” is nothing major and it sounds like they have it under control. From their other social media posts, the couple appears to be as happy as can be.

So, can you relate to Evan and Carlin Stewart’s “marriage debate?” Are you relieved to hear that it’s nothing serious? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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