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‘MAFS’ Justin Shocks Everyone With Nate Accusation

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Things got crazy on the MAFS reunion part 1 episode Wednesday night. Nate confronted Justin about why he unfollowed most of them on social media. It became a huge issue. Plus, Justin made an accusation against Nate, shocking everyone, including the cast and fans. What went down on this reunion? Keep reading to find out more.

Justin unfollowed the MAFS cast, Nate wants answers

The host of the show, Kevin Frazier, asked if anyone had blocked another cast member. Nate noted that Justin had unfollowed a bunch of them. Justin said, “I unfollowed everybody. I blocked you because you’re two different people.”

When Nate asked Justin why he believes this, Justin’s reply was not expected. First, he began by telling Nate that he didn’t like him. He said he’s fake. Justin said, “Sometimes you’re one way, sometimes you’re another and that’s just not my cup of tea, so for me, I’m just like, ‘Ahh.'”

MAFS Nate via YouTube

Nate asked him to clarify and Justin told him he is “fake.” Nate again asked Justin for an example which Justin said wasn’t necessary. Nate responded saying it was because Justin didn’t an example to give.

Justin said that when he met Nate he was told that he didn’t like to get into other people’s business. Yet he was in Morgan’s business so therefore he acts a different way with different people.

Justin said, “I was like ‘Oh, OK, so you pick and choose. I was like alright. You act one way with other people, you act another. You’re fake. It’s OK.”

Nate proceeded to defend himself saying he didn’t want to be anyone’s therapist. He also noted he wanted to focus on his wife.

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The next part was shocking

Nate continued saying it was weird that Justin didn’t understand this and that he is a crybaby. What Justin said next had the cast, host and fans stunned. He said, “Bro, you made a pass at me twice before the show.”

According to Justin, Nate complimented his teeth and skin not once but twice. Justin felt this was extremely odd. Nate said he was complimenting him and that is not making a pass at him. Nate also noted he’s comfortable with his sexuality and didn’t see it as making a pass. He noted again that Justin is just a crybaby.

The whole situation escalated into what almost turned into a fistfight. Justin even took off his jacket ready to go at Nate.

Finally, things calmed down and Justin continued to explain why he unfollowed the other cast members.

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