‘MAFS’ Justin Lashes Out At Reunion, Fans React

Justin on MAFS reunion | YouTube

When reality shows like Married at First Sight have a reunion special, there are always explosive moments. In part one of the MAFS Season 15 reunion, that is exactly what happened. In this case, it was Justin who got into a huge argument with Nate.

Here is what went down at the reunion between Justin and Nate and what fans had to think about the entire scenario.

Justin blows up at MAFS Season 15 reunion

Things were not going well for Justin at all at the MAFS Season 15 reunion special. When it came to his marriage to Alexis, the two couldn’t agree on anything. They argued about whether they consummated their marriage ahead of time. He said they did and she said “we tried to,” hinting that he may have reached the finish line, but she never got close.

Justin on MAFS reunion | YouTube

They also couldn’t agree on who decided to end the marriage. Kevin went on to say that she showed up drunk one night after Decision Day, and Alexis said she just wanted to be completely done with Justin. However, this then led to a big fight between Justin and Nate. The show revealed that Justin had unfollowed almost everyone involved.

Justin said he unfollowed Krysten because she acted one way around his ex-wife Alexis and differently around others. He said he hated fake people. Justin also said he unfollowed Morgan and Lindy because they went back on a promise to go hiking with him because they said they didn’t feel comfortable around him. He was offended they went on the hike without him.

Justin then said he unfollowed Stacia because he doesn’t like her husband, Nate. Justin then said that Nate hit on him because he complimented his teeth and skin. Nate and Justin had some words back and forth and then they stood like they wanted to fight. Finally, Justin left the stage to cool down.

Justin on MAFS reunion | YouTube

MAFS fans mock Justin for his claims against Nate

MAFS fans thought the entire insinuation that Nate was hitting on Justin was ridiculous. Many took to social media to laugh at the fact that Justin felt getting a compliment meant that he was being hit on by a married man.

One fan took to Twitter and wondered if Justin had never received a compliment in his entire life if he thought it meant he was being hit on. Another fan was more direct, writing, “Kevin said it best. A man complimenting another man doesn’t mean he’s gay. Take notes Justin. Toxic masculinity and homophobia isn’t acceptable and there’s no excuses for this in 2022.”

There were others who wondered if Nate complimented Justin because he recognized that Justin might suffer from “self worth issues” and to “boost his self-esteem.” Finally, one MAFS fan broke down Justin’s main problems.

What did you think of Justin’s explosion at the MAFS reunion? Was he out of line and do you think he was lying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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