It’s A Wonderful Lifetime’s ‘Sweet Navidad’ Is ‘Days,’ ‘OLTL’ Reunion

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Ready for a delicious It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Christmas movie? Then you need to watch Sweet Navidad. This is a movie that reunites both Days of Our Lives stars, as well as One Life To Live alum.

Sweet Navidad stars Camila Banus (Days Of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas, One Life To Live), Mark Hapka (A Very Charming Christmas Town, Days Of Our Lives), Melissa Marty (Righteous Thieves, Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial), Terri Hoyos (Bosch: Legacy, Steppin’ Into The Holiday), David Fumero (One Life To Live, L.A.’s Finest), Harrison Grant (Personals, Star Trek: Picard), Autumn Federici (My Best Friend’s Christmas, Lethal Love Letter), Susan Ortiz (Jane The Virgin, Pearson), Gerard Flores (A Merry Christmas Match, My Secret Lake), Manny Streetz Guevara (The Rise, He Knows Your Every Move), Hans Heilmann (The Fisherman, Sugar Pie), John D. Hickman (Old Flames Never Die, Dead Heist), Greg Lewis (Fatal Fandom, Welcome To The Christmas Family Reunion), Norma Maldonado (Broken Dreams, Miles Away), Stephanie Matson (Troubled Waters, Psycho Party Planner), Ashley Sutton (Speech & Debate: Legacy, Night Watch), and J. Santiago Suárez (Uncoupled, New Amsterdam). 

Cristina Boada (Valley Of The Boom, The Endgame) wrote the script with Brittany Underwood (Baked With A Kiss, Love’s Playlist) directing.


What Is Lifetime’s Sweet Navidad About?

According to The Futon Critic, Camen (Banus) is a pastry chef that learned from her relations. She has a dream of owning her own bakery and selling her Puerto Rican-influenced pastries. This is what her relations did in the past. She wants to continue this tradition.

Carmen gets closer to her dreams when hotel owner Victor Flores (Fumero) tries some of her pastries. His hotel has a holiday gala every year and chefs compete for the opportunity to cook for this high-profile event. Therefore, Victor invites Carmen to apply to compete for this honor.

However, Carmen balks at this chance. She knows that she will be competing with those who have culinary school experience and internships with high-profile chefs. She doesn’t think she can stand a chance.

But, her family pushes her. Carmen competes and she is chosen as the pastry chef. She needs to work with chef Jax (Hapka) to create a memorable meal for the holidays.

Subsequently, when the two start working in the kitchen together, they are like oil and water. Jax is very neat and tidy, while Carmen is a whirling dervish. He focuses on precision, while she focuses on cooking from the heart.

Yet, they still don’t create something that the hotel owner deems worthy of such a special holiday meal. Now, Carmen and Jax must learn to work together.

As they do, they start to find something in each other that is more than just sparks.

Lifetime's Sweet Navidad-
Lifetime’s Sweet Navidad-

When Can You Watch Sweet Navidad?

The premiere of Sweet Navidad is on Thursday, November 17, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Kicks Off With Merry Swissmas

It’s a Wonderful Lifetime kicks off on Saturday, November 5, with Merry Swissmas starring Jodie Sweetin and Tim Rozon.

Are you ready for a Lifetime Christmas?


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