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‘Gold Rush’ Fans Celebrate Return Of Big Al

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On the latest episode of Gold Rush, fans got to see a familiar face return without warning, and it was a time for celebration. This was Big Al, and he showed up during the segments with the Clayton Brothers. Here is how he returned and what you need to know.

Big Al returns to Gold Rush

Halfway through the Season 13 episode, the Clayton Brothers were trying to find some way to make money. They then showed up and said they were there to help Big Al because it was worth it to make money working for him. Big Al sat in his excavator and laughed happily as they talked to him.

Their job was to install a new boom on a neighbor’s excavator. Even when they struggled, Big Al laughed and seemed to enjoy his time there. It was a stark contrast to Parker’s anger and Fred’s frustration. By the end, Big Al paid the Clayton Brothers, and they went on their way.

Big Al - Gold Rush | episode screencap

Big Al McGregor was someone who never let life knock him down for long, and he came into the mining industry with big plans and dreams. “I think it is also for people who start doing their own businesses,” he said in an interview when he started the new career. “They can relate. They’re throwing everything on the line, maybe in a different category, but they are going for broke.”

However, tragedy struck. Big Al received a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer. He also lost his beloved wife, and both these events happened within months of each other. Without any sensation in his hands and feet, he ended up going from a hospital to a wheelchair. However, he never gave up his dreams of mining.

To honor his wife’s memory, and the dreams they had of a retirement site on the Indian River, Big Al fought his way back. He returned to the Yukon and wanted to make his mine profitable again. With the help of Tamsin and a small crew led by Hiro, he started work again on the spin-off series Yukon Gold. The show lasted five seasons and ended in 2017.

Fans rejoice in the return of Big Al

Big Al working on Gold Rush | episode screencap

Fans loved seeing Big Al again back on Gold Rush. A Reddit thread started with a simple request to “take a minute and enjoy that big al was on gold rush!” This led to several people jumping in to say how great it was to see Big Al again on the show.

“I enjoyed Yukon Gold and had wondered about Big Al because he had so many heath and mobility issues,” another Redditor wrote. “I can’t wait for next week’s episode, we seem to be behind here in Canada, so I can look for him.”

Another asked for Big Al to come to Gold Rush full-time and said he couldn’t believe he was there, giving the Clayton Brothers a job. They also wanted to see the return of Hiro, Karl, and his dad, Marty Knudsen.

As usual, there were Fred haters in the thread. More than one called for Big Al to replace him in the Gold Rush cast.

Were you excited to see Big Al back on Gold Rush? Do you think it will be a long-term deal or just a quick stop-and-go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing Big Al again. I enjoyed Yukon Gold, as I do Gold Rush. Yukon Gold was such a contrast to Gold Rush, as it focussed on the small time gold miners.

  2. it was wonderful to see Big Al again. Glad to know he’s out and about. Hopefully we’llsee more of him. I loved Yukon Gold!

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