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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah Brown’s Wife Announces Big Donation

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On Alaskan Bush People this season, Noah Brown left Washington to look for a new home in Alaska for his wife and kids. However, his wife couldn’t make the trip with him. There was a lot going on at their home in Washington. As a result, Rhain stayed behind to take care of their home.

Rhain Brown has now revealed what her staying back helped accomplish with a series of Instagram posts.

Rhain Brown didn’t go on Alaska scouting trip to care for new puppies

Just when it was time for Noah Brown to head to Alaska to look at property that he could move his wife and kids into, Rhain announced she couldn’t go with him. They had new puppies born, and there was a lot that needed to be done around the home. She asked Noah to take their oldest son with him and she stayed home with the youngest.

As Noah was looking for their new home with his sisters Birdie and Rain along for the ride, Rhain was back at home. Noah took Eli with him, letting their oldest son see Alaska for the first time while Rhain kept the younger son, Adam, with her as she kept up their home. Rhain didn’t appear on Alaskan Bush People after Noah left, but it was clear she was hard at work. She has now revealed the fate of all those puppies.

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Noah Brown and Rhain donate dogs to be service dogs

In a touching and generous moment, Noah Brown and Rhain donated their littler of puppies to Pawsitive Directions. In an Instagram post, Rhain wrote that “all of the puppies we could donate have been placed in fabulous working-dog slots.” Pawsitive Directions have trainers that will begin “the challenging yet highly rewarding job of training dogs for non-profit to help place dogs with Veterans and others in need of a dog.”

Noah and Rhain Brown from Alaskan Bush People

She then followed up with some photos of the family as they went to work at a fundraiser for Pawsitive Directions. “The kids and I got to play pumpkin bowling and we got to see the puppies again,” she wrote. “They’ve gotten so big and grown up and are maturing nicely. Again, I’m so proud of them and of the team that is working hard to train them for Service and Therapy work.”

Fans loved it too. In the comments, one fan wrote about how happy they were for Rhain and Noah, and wished them continued success. Another told her to keep up the good work. Finally, one said it all when they said, “service dogs save lives. Thanks you!”

What are your thoughts about Noah Brown and his future plans? Do you think he will go back to Alaska? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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