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Fans Have Questions About Rob Marciano’s Halloween Costume

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Rob Marciano unveiled his Halloween costume on Tuesday, November 1. However, not all the fans are sold on his look. Some have questions while others have their own reservations about it. Read on to learn more and to see his costume of choice.

Rob Marciano shares a family photo

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Rob Marciano shared his family’s Halloween tradition. The GMA anchor got into the spirit by carving pumpkins. He enjoyed an ale while he took part in the dangerous activity. Rob joked that he was lucky that he didn’t lose all ten fingers.

On Tuesday, Rob shared his Halloween costume. The meteorologist spent time with his kids on the holiday. Rob took them trick-or-treating. His son Mason was dressed as a cheetah while his daughter Madelynn went as a fox. However, it was Rob Marciano’s costume that had everyone confused.

Rob Marciano [CNN | YouTube]
[CNN | YouTube]
The proud papa was dressed as a shark. There were many questions about his costume. His outfit only featured the top half of a shark. Rob also wore khaki pants and black sneakers. The costume covered the upper half of his body and his head. Many people had questions about the attire he chose to wear with his costume.

BREAKING: Bearded Landshark Attacks Fox and Cheetah in Westchester, 👻 🎃” Rob Marciano jokingly wrote in the caption of his Instagram post.

Rob Marciano Takes Kids Trick-Or-Treating [Rob Marciano | Instagram]
[Rob Marciano | Instagram]
Some fans praised him for stepping up to a role of a single father. Others loved that he embraced the holiday. There were also some who were in love with Rob’s beard and thought the outfit was “adorable and creative.” Yet, there were some who had many questions about the costume itself.

GMA lifestyle contributor, Lori Bergamotto wrote, “Kids are BEYOND adorable. But… did the shark eat a preppy dad? Is he a shark trying to join the country club? What’s up with the khakis, Rob?!?”

GMA meterologist’s costume brings up many questions

Many of other Rob Marciano’s friends and followers noticed this flaw with his costume. They wanted to know why he was wearing khakis. Rob told Lori that he was a shark who was wearing “faded grey AG jeans.” He clapped back at her comment with the following statements.

“And I thought you were tired and checked out until Christmas?!” Rob Marciano wrote in the comment section. “I thought for you sure you would bust the ‘cheetah’ costume as more leopard… you are tired.😉

Rob Marciano With Beard [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Lori informed him that his “adorable son can do NO wrong in my book.” She also told Rob that he needs to upgrade his “grey jeans.” She noted that they “faded into beige.” What are your thoughts on Rob Marciano’s Halloween costume? Sound off below in the comment section.

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