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‘LPBW’ Star Loses It & QUITS The TLC Series

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LPBW star has QUIT the TLC series after an emotional breakdown. Which member of the Little People, Big World cast has decided they refuse to be part of the show anymore? Was this star’s decision to walk away from LPBW the reason rumors are swirling the entire series won’t be back for Season 25? Moreover, which LPBW star lost it and quit the TLC series? Keep reading for the details.

LPBW star loses it and quits the TLC series

As TvShowsAce previously reported, rumors have been swirling that Little People, Big World had been canceled by TLC. These rumors actually stemmed from Matt Roloff having conversations with various fans during Pumpkin Season. Some fans claimed Matt implied that he didn’t see much of a future for the show beyond the season currently airing.

Matt Roloff - Amy Roloff Youtube
Matt Roloff – Amy Roloff Youtube

There have also been rumors Tori and Zach Roloff are done with the show. As TvShowsAce reported a while back, there was an Instagram post for a new company Tori partnered with that referred to her as a FORMER member of the LPBW cast. Naturally, some fans took this to mean Zach and Tori may have made the decision to quit the show. Fans were thrilled to see the couple during the Season 24 Premiere, but they wonder if this will be the final season fans get to enjoy this family on television.

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Zach, Tori, Jackson, and Lilah Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

According to The Sun, it is Caryn Chandler who has lost it and made the decision to quit the TLC series. The outlet claims the feud between Zach and Matt became far too painful for Caryn to deal with. As those who watched the Season 24 Premiere know, Caryn discussed that things were “still painful” between Matt and Zach. Moreover, her heart ached as she missed seeing Zach and Tori’s children.

The Sun claims a source close to the family confirmed Caryn Chandler has quit the series and is unwilling to do a Season 25. Contradicting earlier reports from The Sun, the source claims Matt Roloff is very open to doing more seasons of the show. But, Caryn has quit and refuses to be a part of the TLC series anymore.

LPBW Caryn Chandler, YouTube

For the most part, Caryn Chandler quitting LPBW isn’t a deal-breaker for fans. Most fans don’t even like her. A lot of fans agree they would enjoy the show more if Caryn and Matt were not on it anymore. If Caryn really quit the show, it would make it more difficult for Matt to be in the show regularly.

Do you think this LPBW star actually lost it and quit the show? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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  1. this is the best thing to happened to the show as she has done the show any good torn the family up, she should of keep her 2 cents out of the sale and let the guys talk it out on their own. to bad that the guys couldn’t couldn’t work it out so the family had to move just to get away from here it’s not what they wanted, and don’t want the kids to call her grandmother.

    1. “Don’t want their kids to call her grandmother”; or “Cha-Cha” for that matter! How ridiculous! Who calls a loving grandma “Cha-Cha”?

  2. I think she should have never put her two cents in at all.She should have let Matt and his children to work things out. You don’t do bad things and expect to prosper. God says all things are seen and heard. She tore this family apart. And I hate it because I loved this show until Caryn became part of it. And Matt not working with his children and not doing right by his wife Amy he will reap what he sowed.

  3. I feel for Caryn as far as Zack and Tori’s kids. She was close to them. But as far as more of her and Matt on the show, no we’ve had enough.

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