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‘SW’ Fans Notice Something Gross About Kody Brown’s Taste

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These days, Sister Wives fans have a lot to complain about when it comes to Kody Brown. The family patriarch has been displaying crude and abusive behavior for many seasons now. As Season 17 continues, fans are watching him behaving incredibly ugly toward Christine and Janelle.

But bad behavior aside, some Redditors pointed out something a little alarming about Kody Brown’s personal taste. Keep reading to see what they’re saying.

Sister Wives fans can’t help but notice that the wives share similarities

The Brown family follows a branch of Mormon fundamentalism that practices polygamy. According to the church’s beliefs, a man needs at least three wives to enter their version of heaven. Kody Brown is down to three, as far as fans know. He really can’t afford to lose another one.

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

But as the family drama unfolds onscreen, fans can’t help but notice that Kody Brown appears to have a very specific taste in women.

“I realized they could be siblings. Kody definitely has a type, and it’s himself,” one Redditor posted in a recent thread. They went on to share side-by-sides of Meri, Kody, and Christine. Other Redditors did notice that the three did bear a striking familial resemblance to one another.

Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown from Reddit
Meri, Kody, & Christine Brown/Reddit

“It’s kind of funny that he never found Christine attractive but could be her twin brother. I personally find her to be beautiful so this isn’t a bash, but they definitely look alike,” another Redditor added. Since the Browns come from a line of fundamentalist Mormons, it’s also plausible that they share the same ancestors.

“They are distant relatives. I heard and I don’t know if there is truth to it, but people who are repulsed by someone for no reason romantically is your body’s way of keeping you from incest,” another user pointed out. “Like we reject pheromones that are similar to our own. Again I don’t even know where I heard this but it does make me think of Kody and Christine.”

What do you think of the situation? Does Kody Brown show an interest in women that resemble him? Be sure to leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Share what you think!

Does the family patriarch have good relationships with any of his wives?

During Season 17, fans can clearly see that there is trouble in paradise. Even Kody’s marriage to Robyn seems strained at the moment. In the midst of Christine’s departure, all of his marriages are starting to crumble.

As of the end of 2022, fans know that Kody is still definitely married to Robyn and likely married to Meri too. Christine is long gone and no one can be certain about his marriage to Janelle.

Stay tuned for more information. There will be more Sister Wives updates as soon as information becomes available.

There will be a new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time on TLC. Tune in and see what’s going on in the Brown household next.

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  1. Yeah well you reap what you sow. All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put Cody together again. cry me a river.

  2. I cannot see why these women would stay in this a abusive relation since it is becoming so ugly Jody needs to be evaluated for mental deaease.

  3. how can these “brain washed”. idiot women want a man that is having sex & bearing children with 4 different “so-called” wives. I can’t see sharing a husband! totally insane!!

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