Jinger Vuolo’s Shocking Net Worth 2022

Jinger Vuolo Instagram, Jinger Vuolo net worth 2022

Jinger Vuolo’s shocking net worth, as of 2022, has been revealed. The former Counting On star and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, appear to be doing very well for themselves. So, just how much is she worth and how does she make a living?

Duggar fans question her living situation.

Jinger and Jeremy are living in Los Angeles, California, which is known to be very expensive. They have two young daughters, Felicity, 4, and Evangeline, almost 2. Despite the high cost of living in L.A., the pair recently purchased a home of their own after renting for a couple of years.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram, Jinger Vuolo net worth 2022

Fans often wonder how Jinger and Jeremy can afford to live in Los Angeles. The couple’s lifestyle is questioned constantly online. Fans ask how they can afford to eat out so often and how they are able to buy expensive clothing and shoes. Jeremy is currently attending the Master’s Seminary, so he doesn’t appear to be working full-time.

How does Jinger Vuolo make her money?

Over the years, Jeremy and Jinger have launched several different ventures. Not all of them have worked out, but they have brought in some money by trying out a few things. The couple previously had a podcast, but they have not uploaded a new episode in a little while. They also wrote a memoir and a children’s book.

The former TLC stars have launched a YouTube channel and can make money from ads and views.

On social media, Jinger Vuolo sometimes works with different companies to promote their products. In the past, she’s shared about a variety of brands in many categories, from children’s clothing to beauty products. With 1.4 million Instagram followers, she has the opportunity to reach a large audience.

In addition to her other ventures, Jinger recently announced that she has created her very own coffee blend with Matchbox Coffee. It’s possible she’s earning some money for promoting it.


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Previously, Jinger and Jeremy relied on Counting On to help them pay the bills, though TLC pulled the plug on the show over a year ago.

What is Jinger Vuolo’s net worth in 2022?

According to Celebrity Net WorthJinger is worth an estimated $2 million. The former Counting On star appears to be doing well, even without TLC income continuing to roll in. Learning just how much Jinger is worth may prevent fans’ many questions about her lavish lifestyle.

So, does Jinger Vuolo’s net worth in 2022 shock you? Have you also been wondering how she and Jeremy Vuolo afford to live in Los Angeles? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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