Emily Maynard Shares Why Her New Baby Was Born Extra Special

Emily Maynard via Instagram

FormerĀ BacheloretteĀ Emily Maynard Johnson welcomed her sixth child on August 31. She kept baby number six a secret just as she did with a previous pregnancy. Two months after her son’s birth, Emily is opening up and also sharing why he was born extra special. Keep reading to find out more.

Emily Maynard welcomes sixth child

PeopleĀ shared all about Emily Maynard’s new son and why he is extra special. Emily and Tyler’s new son Jones West, joins siblings Ricki, 17, Jennings, 7, Gibson, 6, Gatlin, 5 and Nola Belle, 2.

Emily was told after her son’s birth that he had Down Syndrome. On top of that, Jones had a rare congenital colon abnormality that required surgery. This would land him in the NICU for a month.

Emily said through it all she’s very grateful for her son. She said, “I am so grateful. But I’m still on my journey of processing everything. And I have to trust that it will all turn out alright.”

She went on to say, “I was in shock. It was not on my radar at all. And I refused to believe it. I just wanted to hold him and for everything to be okay.”

The diagnosis was confirmed by a blood test after birth. During her pregnancy, Emily did not opt to have genetic testing done.

Emily Maynard with Jones via Instagram

She talks about difficult time

Emily also shared how hard it was for her to be in the hospital room alone while she could hear all the babies crying down the hallway was devastating. She noted how incredibly different this experience had been from what she’d had before.

Emily leaned on her husband and on her oldest daughter during this difficult time. She even said Ricki sent her 47 roses to the hospital. Each rose represented each of her new brother’s 47 chromosomes. Down Syndrome babies have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.

Emily's family via Instagram

Jones is home now. However, he will have to undergo another surgery in a few weeks.

In the meantime, Emily noted that she is still learning about Down Syndrome and soaking in all her newborn baby’s smiles and love. She said she’s trying to experience Jones as Jones and not as a baby who’s different than other babies.

Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard with Husband Tyler Johnson Via Instagram
Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard with Husband Tyler Johnson

Emily said, “looking back on my life, a lot of things happened that I wouldn’t have planned. But I wouldn’t change my life for anything. And I wouldn’t trade Jones for any baby in the world.”

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