Audrey Roloff ‘Lying Or Not’ Debate Has Fans In Uproar

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Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey is doubling down on the fact that her ruby red locks are natural and that she’s never added any color to her hair. In fact, the LPBW alum insists that she will never put color in her hair. She, however, does clarify at the end of her post she may consider coloring her hair when it starts turning white or grey.

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, Audrey is completely obsessed with the fact that she has ruby red hair. Likewise, she is obsessed with the hopes of having a ginger child one day. Presently, Audrey has high hopes that her son Radley might have her vibrant red hair. On Reddit and Facebook, fans of the Roloff family point out the real reason Audrey hasn’t had a red-headed child — because her hair isn’t actually red.

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For years, fans have accused Audrey Roloff of coloring her hair with red dye. Likewise, fans also believe she uses filters to give her hair more of a red tint. Furthermore, she’s been accused by fans of using a filter to make her children look like they have red hair.

Despite all of the accusations against her and the fact that her hair pretty regularly appears in photos and videos as several different shades of red, she insists her red hair is real and has never been introduced to red hair dye.

LPBW fans aren’t buying Audrey Roloff’s lies about her hair

On RedditLPBW fans agreed Audrey Roloff was setting herself up to be trolled in her decision to post this on her Instagram Stories. Check out exactly what she posted down below:

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey  – Instagram

On Reddit fans are in agreement that Jeremy Roloff’s wife either puts color in her hair or uses a heavy amount of filters and photoshop techniques to capture the red tint. The OP of the thread discussing her hair noted that her hair was definitely brown when she appeared on the TLC series. Some fans questioned why the topic of her hair being naturally red needed to come up all of the time. Others chimed in that she would really seize any opportunity to convince fans she had naturally red hair.

TLC still of Audrey Roloff in lilac top with defined curls.

One fan chimed in: “I’m not saying she hasn’t, but she does heavily filter her pictures (makes the red/oranges stand out). It’s amazing how much a filter can change a picture.”

“Red hair tends to fade as you get older…have a hard time believing this is 100% natural.” Another fan chimed in.

Do you think Audrey Roloff is lying about her hair? Share your answers in the comments section.

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