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Wait, Do Any Of Kody Brown’s Wives Even Love Him?

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Kody Brown’s wives seem to stay with him out of obligation. Christine finally had enough and walked away from the marriage. However, she admitted that things had soured over a decade ago. As for Meri, she does not even have a romantic relationship with Kody. Openly, she said to Robyn that people have asked why she even stays with Kody at this point.

Janelle and Kody are in a great friendship, per Kody but even he claims that they don’t act married. Finally, his alleged favorite wife, Robyn recently said she did not care so much for a romantic relationship. Yet, she was looking for a good man who would be good to her kids from her previous marriage. This left fans wondering if Kody’s wives even love him.

Do Kody Brown’s Fans Even Love Him?

It seems that Kody has an arrangement with each of his wives. He openly admitted that they had a dysfunctional functioning relationship prior to Robyn coming along. She claims she was not even interested in a romantic situation as much as a good man. Furthermore, she raves about the other options she had but she went on to choose this family. Meri is not even legally tied to Kody anymore as she divorced him in 2014 so he could marry Robyn.

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She also had an online affair which she claims Kody led her to. They have nothing together yet it is her desire to get to the Celestial Kingdom that has kept her tied to the family. So, do these women even love Kody at this point? It looks like they just want to keep the family together and a show on the air over a passionate love affair. Ultimately, fans took to Reddit to discuss if these women even love Kody. They think that the other wives are envious that Christine had the strength to walk away while they remain stuck.

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Yet one person noted: “I don’t buy for a second that Robyn wasn’t looking for romance. She’s stated that her goal was to prolong the honeymoon as long as possible.” Another added: “I think the only ones that got married because of love was meri and kody. They chose each other and were extremely into each other. Janelle and Christine were obligations to him and both women even said he was like a stranger to them when they married. Robyn wanted the marriage because of security not because of love. Kody was smitten with the shiny new toy.”

Excuses, Excuses

It was a general consensus that Robyn just said she did not romance to sound good. Due to the nature of Christine and Kody Brown’s marriage, she was trying to sound relatable. More so, she was trying to act like she really cared solely about the family but many did not believe it. In the end, Christine is grateful to be gone and living her best life.

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Janelle travels all of the time and is really happy where she is at. She just loves Coyote Pass so much, why would she leave? Finally, Meri is also so busy with her businesses, this is just where she lands for the time being. Robyn has Kody for good and though she claims she did not want romance, it sure seems they have a lot.

Do you think any of Kody Brown’s wives love him and, if so, which ones? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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