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‘Sister Wives’ Fan Wins Big For Carving Kody Brown’s Head

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One Sister Wives fan certainly got into the Halloween spirit. They decided to channel their love for the show mixed with their frustration for Kody. Together, along with some creativity, they were able to carve an amazing impression of Kody’s head. It was so great, it was award-winning. Read on to see the photos as well as read some of their victory speech.

Carving A Sister Wives Star’s Head To Accuracy

A fan decided to carve Kody’s face into a pumpkin and it was perfect. Complete with his confused face and wave hair, the carver captured his essence perfectly. It was so well-received, she won a trophy for her impeccable capture of the patriarch. She shared a photo of the carving along with her holding the trophy on Reddit. Along with this, she posted her victory speech, chock full of words only a true fan would understand. It was truly a masterpiece.

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“What an honour! Thank you to anyone who voted for this Jack Wagon Jack O’ Lantern. I’m still in shock (rill big fillings) that a tiny pumpkin carving, of a tiny man, took the win this year. For all of you who have followed this competition from a tender age, you understand what a ‘rilly big dill’ this victory is. I followed all the ‘rulls and protoculls’ (for covid and otherwise), as I am a loyal and obedient carver. I couldn’t be more grateful that this competition continues to unite us, in full fellowship, as we come together for a common goal: to create pumpkin magic,” she started her victory speech.

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She went on to say: “After all, love should be multiplied, not divided. And to miss a year would be more painful than a knife to the kidney. Big love to my Founding Sisters, Katie, Lindsay and Kristen. They are even more supportive and enthusiastic than Christine when Janelle moved into her ‘5th will’. Extra high fives to all the carvers who came through stronger than ever this year. Love you all more than Kody Brown loves Robyn 🫶🏻.”

Fans React To Kody’s Carved Head

After seeing what a great job she did with the Sister Wives patriarch, the fans had a lot to say.

  • “I’m just sitting here in awe.”
  • “You really captured the ramen hair! Bravo you’re an icon.”
  • “Amazing! Scariest halloween pumpkin I have seen this year!”
  • “You’re very talented….but I never wanted to smash a jack-o’-lantern so badly!”
  • “Beautiful job! Take some time lapse pictures as he rots”

Kody Brown/YouTube

It appears that the talent and the pumpkin were greatly appreciated though some did wonder why she wasted it on Kody. However, she did a phenomenal job and she deserves as much praise as possible. The big question is how long did that work of art take her?

What do you think of the Kody Brown pumpkin? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Robin & meri brown are so disgusting with their attitudes towards Christine. Robin was so nasty. Where did she get off calling Christine a liar. Meri is stupid for not leaving kody a long time ago.
    She may want to stay in a loveless marriage, but you don’t act nasty about Christine not wanting to stay. Everyone knows the favoritism kody shows towards Robin. Kody & Robin act like theyre in amonogamous marriage .I really like Jennele. Hopefully she’ll walk away too. Jennele & Christine deserve so much better. I honestly don’t understand what these women saw in kody. He’s a narcissist and does not take any responsibility for treating Meri, Christine & Jennele like crap. He has also abandoned his children. Oh the exception is Robin’s kids.Hes always there for them & their disgusting mother.

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