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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ New Episode Not Airing Tonight, Why?

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Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life starring Whitney Way Thore are in for a bit of disappointment when they flip on TLC tonight and discover a new episode is not airing. Those who watch new episodes early via Discovery+ were also disappointed when they popped in this morning and realized a new episode wasn’t in the streaming library.

After searching high and low for a new episode on TLC and Discovery+, fans are quickly racing to Google and various social media platforms to ask why a new episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life starring Whitney Way Thore isn’t airing tonight. Is the show on some sort of break? Is TLC airing a special that took the time slot? Will a new episode of MBFFL air next week?

While it is both fortunate and unfortunate, the answer to why a new episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life didn’t air tonight (or drop on Discovery+) is pretty simple. Keep reading for the details.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life new episode didn’t air, why?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10, Episode 12 titled, “What Is Love? Lennie Don’t Hurt Me” aired last week. The synopsis for the episode read:

While Whitney and her friends make the most of their remaining time in St. Lucia by participating in a number of different activities, Lennie is nowhere to be found. Whitney is left unsure of how she feels about herself as a result of her concern that he may leave her for his island crush.”

Unfortunately, Season 10, Episode 13 did not air this week. Furthermore, Season 10, Episode 10 of MBFFL will not air next week either. Why? Simply because there isn’t an episode to air. Sadly, there are no new episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life for TLC to air. Last week was the Season 10 Finale. Presently, fans are waiting to learn whether the series has been canceled or renewed for another season.

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Arguably, fans are pretty mixed on what they want. Some are over Whitney because she doesn’t appear to be making an effort to lose any weight. Other fans, however, love Whitney and can’t wait for more episodes.

Were you bummed a new episode of MBFFL didn’t air tonight? Were you even more bummed to learn a new episode isn’t airing next week either? Do you think My Big Fat Fabulous Life will be renewed at TLC for Season 11? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for all your TLC news.

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  1. I certainly was bummed that the MBFFL has ended already. What a short season. I was hoping to find out if Whitney and Lennie are a couple. I very much hope there is a season 11 and beyond, and I hope Whitney and Lennie become a romantic couple!!!

  2. Im super disappointed was waiting to see what happens next. This family brings me joy and laughter when i watch at home. I dont care about her weight . Love her confidence shes an inspiration to me and my teenage daughter.

  3. I too like Whitney suffer from PCOS and I too live in NC, I can relate a lot to Whitney and I have to say I was really bummed to discover there was not another episode as we were all left on a cliff hanger last week, hoping the two past lovers would give love another try so the two can be happy and not be involved in a long distance relationship and experience true happiness. I love being a part of her life in a since as watching her day to day life, which I know probably has taken a toll on her and I’d understand if she chose to live a more quiet simple life but I as others too would be sadden of the absence of being able to watch MBFFL, it’s absolutely inspirational regardless of her weight or her weight loss journey! A part of PCOS is that our weight is constantly up and down, and we struggle with everything that seems to come so easy to other women like birthing our own children. Whitney, you’re not alone and we’re rooting for you!!!! Keep on Keeping on!!! 🥰🤗💓

  4. I thought they showed previews for the next episode…. guess not. I hope they at least do a reunion, so they can tie up some loose ends for us….Babs health? Whitney and Lennie? French Man and Whitney? It feels like filming was abruptly shut down and not a natural end to a season, at all. I feel very confused and a little cheated!🤔🙄

    1. Please don’t end the show, I feel like it was taken down very oddly! I absolutely love Whitney and her show and what a nasty reason to remove it for, she’s bigger who cares, she’s fun and seems very happy! I think people have grown to love her, her friends and her family! SHAME ON YOU TLC!

  5. You generally know when the season is over simply by watching. This was a strange way to end a season. Somethings going on. I enjoy the show so I hope it continues.

  6. Love the show -Whitney is lucky to have her long time friends and new.
    Especially luv her parents. Hoping her Mother’s health improves.

  7. I look forward to watching Whitney every week and it would be upsetting if you cancelled the show. Why would you even think about doing this? This is a great reality show compared to other TLC reality shows, I, too looked everywhere looking for BF&F this week. Please keep this show on.

  8. I agree with some of the other fans. This is not the normal way TLC does things. There is most DEFINITELY something going on. To say I’m disappointed is putting it mildly! I feel like myself and all the other fans who have grown to love & care about Whitney, her family & friends have just been handed a long walk off a short pier. I hope Whitney & everyone in her life are ok and nothing bad has happened. I hope they return soon.

  9. This sucks!!! I really f******* hate when these tv companies make shows for us to keep up with and watch then they don’t follow through with all the episodes. What is going on anyway? Why did they not show that last episode we were all waiting to see.

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