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‘DWTS’: Len Goodman Visibly Agitated At Tyra’s Bizarre Jokes

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Head judge Len Goodman has been with Dancing With The Stars for a very long time. He’s seen his share of awkward and bizarre moments in the ballroom. However, he seems to have reached his limit when it comes to Tyra Banks.

The supermodel became the hostess in Season 29 after the executive team fired Tom Bergeron. It was an unpopular decision, but many DWTS fans decided to give her a chance. After three seasons, many have really soured on her.

Keep reading to find out what happened during the Halloween episode to agitate Len Goodman so much.

Len Goodman seems to cringe at Tyra Banks’ jokes

Halloween Night started off as a blast for viewers. Even Len Goodman got in on the holiday spirit by dressing up as Count Dracula. However, Tyra seemed to think he was supposed to be the devil. She made an odd comment that he looked like the “devil in disguise” and said he looked like Derek Hough’s dad. Derek actually was dressed up like the devil.

Len Goodman from Instagram
Len Goodman/Instagram

That was awkward enough on its own, but things really took a bizarre turn after Charli D’Amelio’s performance. She and Mark Ballas performed a spooky Argentine Tango which earned a 39/40 from the judges — and weird comments from Tyra Banks.

“You just moved across the floor with effortless ease. I was transported to some club in Argentina,” Len Goodman told Charli and Mark. “You’re dancing just brings a chill to my spine, well done.”

“I heard the audience make a sound when Len said he was transported to a club in Argentina. What you talking about a club?” Tyra chimed in, making fun of Len. He looked at her in confusion.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he snapped at her, looking visibly annoyed with the situation.

Tyra Banks from Instagram
Tyra Banks/Instagram

Tyra Banks may be a pretty big name, but it seems like Len Goodman is growing tired of her showboating and weird jokes onstage. Social media lit up last night with fans noticing the awkward encounter.

This isn’t the first time Tyra has behaved oddly in the ballroom

Since Season 31 began, Tyra Banks has made situations awkward time and time again. Fans really can’t forget how she called Landon Barker the wrong name — twice. On top of that, she even took a bite out of the chicken leg Shangela had hidden in her dress during the Michael Buble episode. But the season isn’t over yet — there’s plenty of more time for strange behavior.

Dancing With The Stars will come back with a new episode this Monday night at 8 PM eastern time. The theme for next week’s episode is 90s Night, so there will be a lot of fun routines.

With any luck, fans will get through the night without any more awkward moments from Tyra Banks.

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