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‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Gets Scandalous & Naughty

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Fans of The View were shocked by a recent NSFW comment made by Whoopi Goldberg. The segment focused on “naughty videos” and Whoopi expressed her own scandalous opinion on the matter. Continue reading to see what had fans’ jaws on the floor.

The View Hot Topics Get Naughty

Hosts of The View are no strangers to scandalous and even “naughty” topics. Recently, Ana Navarro made a few not-safe-for-work comments about her husband, Al. Her fellow host asked what her husband’s biggest “pro” is. Ana replied that it was that he always wants to have sex, though she admitted seconds later that’s also his “con.” That isn’t what had fans reeling last week though.

Elizabeth Banks and Sigourney Weaver joined the ladies on The View to talk about their new film, Call Jane. As with many of the other guests on the show, the topic of conversation varied greatly. Viewers of the talk show know that going off on tangents is a regular occurrence on the program. However, the direction of last week’s discussion with Banks and Weaver took a turn that fans were not expecting.

Sigourney Weaver during discussion on 'The View' with Whoopi Goldberg and hosts - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

Eventually, the conversation turned to pornographic videos and content and their place in society. Elizabeth Banks stated that it is important to educate young people about sex and empower them to make good decisions for themselves.

She said, “Give them as much information as possible so that they’re empowered to make positive decisions about their relationships going forward.” Many of the women on the panel nodded in agreement and that is when Whoopi jumped in.

Whoopi Goldberg Wants People To Know This

During the discussion, Whoopi Goldberg piped up with her opinion on the matter and it had some fans shocked. After Elizabeth contributed her thoughts on the topic, Whoopi cut in saying that people should also teach young people “sex acting in porn as not being real.”

Whoopi Goldberg looking skeptical during discussion on 'The View' - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

She continued with a comment that really shocked viewers saying, “That’s not how it really goes! Nobody can take that much pounding!” The audience and the women sitting with her at the table all laughed at her remark.

Fans were quick to take to social media with their reactions to Whoopi’s remark too. Several people quoted what she said followed by laugh-crying emojis. Many people shared LOLs.

While this certainly isn’t the first NSFW comment made on the show, it is one of very few made by Whoopi. When it comes to the more raunchy subjects, she doesn’t tend to have an opinion that stands out, but that wasn’t the case with this topic.

What do you think about what Whoopi Goldberg said? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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