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‘Renovation Island’: Sarah Baeumler Under Fire, Scamming Fans?

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Renovation Island star Sarah Baeumler is under fans’ radar for her overpriced bag. The HGTV reality star is being bashed for listing a basic denim-colored shoulder bag on her website for a price that has surprised and baffled fans. What do fans have to say about the 44-year-old’s new product? Keep reading to find out the details!

What Is Sarah Baeumler’s Lifestyle brand About?

Sarah is the owner of a lifestyle brand that sells items such as pillows, throws, towels, furniture, and other home décor items. After the mother of four earned rave reviews from her followers and clients for her exemplary aesthetics, the star started selling a few of her custom-made home décor pieces. More so, these items are ethically-sourced and are currently listed on her website. Everything from tea towels to eye-catching jewelry, Sarah’s website has almost everything needed for a Pinterest-worthy lifestyle.

Sarah Baeumler Renovation Island YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, this time, she didn’t receive the love she expected for the launch of her latest addition to the catalog of denim bags called Quinn. As per Meaww, these denim bags are available in shoulder-sac, pouch, and crossbody designs. While many flocked to her website to get her hands on the new product, the hefty price tag instantly put off many.

Fans Bash Sarah Baeumler For Overpriced Denim Bag

The product was priced at $370/504.37 Canadian Dollars. Fans took to the comment section of the Instagram post to slam the reality star for the ridiculously overpriced bag. One wrote, “Over 500.00 bucks for this bag!! Really?? So disappointed. A piece of denim, a strap, and a zipper does not cost over 500.00 bucks.”

Another wrote, “$439 for the crossbody and $516 for the shoulder-sac.”

“Too bad normal people can’t afford your things..” quipped a third fan.

Sarah Baeumler Instagram Renovation Island

[Source: YouTube]

A fourth pointed out, “This bag is amazing- I mean of course it is at $370. In wild times with inflation going crazy and life costing more than ever- could you not have worn a pair of designer sunglasses and made the bag accessible for not just other rich folks!”

“This is so off-putting. Don’t rip people off. This is insulting to the people who have supported your journey. I’m going to let it slide but it’s making me like putting my support elsewhere,” wrote a fifth fan.

What Is HGTV’s Renovation Island About?

HGTV’s Renovation Island is currently airing Season 3 and chronicles the adventures of Bryan Baeumlar and his family as they renovate and run a run-down resort based in the Bahamas. The series offers an inside look at the family’s boutique hotel named Caerula Mar Club. Furthermore, it also details their life in Florida after they recently relocated from Canada. The family sold their custom-built house in Canada to purchase one in Wellington, Florida.

Sarah Baeumler Renovation Island YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Most of the show’s third season is filmed in Florida and trails the Baeumers’ renovations of their new house.

What do you think of Sarah’s latest denim bag? Finally, do you think it is overpriced? Share your thoughts in the comments!




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