Kody Brown Used ‘Sister Wives’ To Pay Off Robyn’s Debt?

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Kody Brown entered into his fourth marriage with someone who had a lot of baggage. Robyn Sullivan had been divorced, she had three young kids, and she was in debt. However, polygamy was quite popular due to the HBO show Big Love. Therefore, reality shows about the lifestyle were in demand. Showing the Browns court a new wife was a great idea and it worked very well for TLC. So, did the success of Sister Wives help to pay off Robyn’s debts? Read on for more details.

Did Kody Brown Use The Show To Pay Off Robyn’s Debts?

Sister Wives has been running for seventeen seasons. Since it started, there has always been something each season to keep fans tuning in. Prior to Season 16, Christine announced that she was leaving Kody. Of course, viewers tuned in to watch the demise of the relationship. Then, Season 17 showed Kody trying to wrap his head around getting divorced. The second half of the season will also show a hospital scare with Robyn getting Covid.

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There was a time when it appeared that the family may have lost money to stay on the air. According to The World News Daily, after Season 11, the family took a hefty pay cut. However, no word on how things may have changed in recent years. Plus, Meri, Janelle, and Christine are successful in their own right with no legal obligation to Kody. However, did the initial success of the show help bail Robyn out of her financial struggles? Redditors think so.

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The family wrote a book, Becoming Sister Wives, which was a New York Times bestseller. It was also noted that she did not have to work anymore with free childcare. Recently, it was revealed that Christine’s daughter, Mykelti had moved in with Robyn to help with her kids for a short time. Plus, she has had a nanny for years. Finally, Redditors pointed out that all five of her children have an inheritance with the purchase of Coyote Pass.

So, Did Robyn Benefit?

In the end, Kody Brown definitely helped Robyn live a better life. The last documented wife to declare bankruptcy was Christine in 2010 so it could be believed he paid off Robyn’s debt. Though he was quite bitter about Christine keeping the money from the sale of her home, his second wife Janelle revealed something. He tried to say that he and Robyn gave Christine the down payment for her home. However, Janelle claims it was family money used.

Furthermore, family money, the same amount, in fact, was also given to Robyn to purchase her home. Plus, her three children whom she entered the marriage with were adopted by Kody in 2014. Finally, she is his only legal wife so she gets whatever he leaves behind along with any living children. She knew what she was doing when she married him. Robyn played the game, became the favorite, he did everything for her and now she gets to live her best life.

Do you think Kody Brown used the show profits for Robyn’s gain? Was it to the detriment of the other wives? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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