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‘Jeopardy!’ 2022 Tournament Of Champions Leaves Fans Fuming

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Jeopardy!’s 2022 Tournament Of Champions spinoff premieres today and fans don’t seem happy. The tournament brings past major winners of the game show and will air for two weeks. A total of 21 returning winners including Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, and Mattea Roach will participate in the brainy battle hosted by Ken Jennings. But why are fans upset over the soon-to-air spinoff? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jeopardy! Fans Feel $250,000 Prize Money Isn’t Justified

Before the big premiere, fans are riled up over the prize amount listed for the Tournament Of Champions. The Halloween premiere will also have wild card elimination along with a Best Of Seven designated for the finals.

Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions 2022 YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, this year’s lineup has 21 champions as opposed to the usual 15. Yet, fans feel that the event’s prize money isn’t justified. As always, the prize money is set at $250,000 and several viewers believe that the winnings need to be greater this year. There are more players for contestants to beat and hence more hoops for them to go through.

Showcasing their disappointment over the final prize, fans took to the Reddit forum. One wrote, “Way, way more games.”

Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions 2022 Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

“We did not just watch the second chance tournament for two weeks for people to win the opportunity to slog their way through another 12-16 games against some of the biggest winners to get $250K. Players would be better off going through the regular season with per-game winnings that low!” they continued.

Should Jeopardy! Copy Off The Wheel Of Fortune?

Another chimed in, “I think $500K would be the best prize for the winner, with $200K for second place and $100K for third.”

“Maybe they could copy off Wheel Of Fortune and make the prize $390,000 this year for Season 39, then $400,000 next year, etc,” suggested a third.

Ken Jennings Instagram

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A fourth fan added, “Agree with others that a $1 Million prize for the winner seems reasonable.”

Who Are The Three Legends In The 2022 Tournament Of Champions?

In the latest Tournament Of Champions teaser, Ken Jennings walked into the stage and waved with a humble smile. He looked all suited up and ready to go. Talking about the tournament, he said, “18 winners and three legends will double down and risk it all.”

The clip also showed quick shots of the soon-to-air tournament. These three legends mentioned by the host are:

The teaser showed other champions returning for the tournament along with the fan-favorite Ryan Long pumping his fist as he crushed a clue.

Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions 2022 Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Do you think the prize for the 2022 Tournament Of Champions should be higher? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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