Savannah Chrisley Opens Up About Her Daily Anger

Savannah Chrisley [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram]

Savannah Chrisley opened up about her daily anger. The Chrisley Knows Best star looks as if she always has a smile on her face, on and off the show. However, this year hasn’t been easy on the youngest daughter. Savannah has been through her share of personal struggles and family problems. The most obvious stems from her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley.

She admits that she was angry after the news of their conviction. This is something that she’s dealing with on a daily basis. The 25-year-old talked mainly about her mom, Julie, and how she’s dealing after the news of their conviction earlier this year. Read on to learn more.

Savannah Chrisley Joined By Julie [Savannah Chrisley | YouTube]
[Savannah Chrisley | YouTube]

Savannah Chrisley shares her secret pain

In a new episode of her Unlocked podcast, Savannah Chrisley opened up about her secret pain. She spoke with her mom, Julie, about how she’s been feeling lately. The reality star admitted that Julie has been “handling it way better” than she is lately. Savannah confessed that she’s been feeling angry a lot lately.

Julie disagreed with her daughter and said she hasn’t taken it well. Savannah noted that both of her parents are able to focus on their faith during these difficult times. This hasn’t been as easy for her. Savannah previously admitted that she’s struggled with her faith.

Julie Chrisley [Savannah Chrisley | YouTube]
[Savannah Chrisley | YouTube]
“I’m just over here angry, because it’s like, how is a God that’s supposed to be so loving and so full of hope [OK with this]?” Savannah Chrisley said in a recent episode of her podcast on PodcastOne. “How do you feel so hopeless?”

She admitted that she’s having daily anger since her parents received their conviction in June. Savannah says her “whole life could change.” However, she’s going to stay by their side as they always have with her. Savannah has also surrounded herself with her family and friends during this time.

Update on Tom and Julie Chrisley’s conviction

Back in June, Tom and Julie were found guilty of conspiracy to bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and tax fraud. The couple denied all charges against them. Their sentencing is scheduled for November 21. Savannah Chrisley and her family have to sit tight a little longer to see their fate.

During the time, Savannah Chrisley broke her silence on Instagram on the news of their conviction. She also asked her followers to “please be kind.” The television personality opened up about her feelings during this time. Savannah has been open and honest with her fans on social media.

Savannah Chrisley [Savannah Chrisley | YouTube]
[Savannah Chrisley | YouTube]
She even broke down crying in one of her Instagram posts. Savannah feels that fans should do their research and find out the truth for themselves. She admits that it hasn’t been easy on her. The entire family is shocked to see the outcome of this ongoing trial.

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