Runaway Bride Katie Thurston Teases Commitment Issues

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Katie Thurston has a good sense of humor this Halloween. The former Bachelorette is still single and still living it up on social media. Katie started her journey with Matt James on his season of The Bachelor. She was smitten, but he wasn’t feeling the same way. He sent her on her way and fans loved that she was chosen for the lead on The Bachelorette. After an engagement with her winner Blake Moynes didn’t work out, she got together with another contestant, John Hersey.

The two split up a few months ago and with a new video on her TikTok, Katie hinted at the reason they weren’t together. Lip-syncing to the words of Taylor Swift’s song, Katie showed off her costume with the caption, “why I’m still single.”

What Did Katie Thurston Dress As For Halloween?

Katie Thurston decided to dress as a runaway bride. Channeling Julia Roberts’s character in a wedding dress and sweatbands. The bands were red, white, and blue which surprisingly look great with her beaded dress and veil. She also wore a giant fake shiny ring to pull the look together.

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According to US Weekly, the song Katie is lip-syncing to is one of her new singles “Anti-Hero.” The words are, “it’s me, hi, I’m the problem.” This leads fans to believe maybe she’s the reason her relationships aren’t working out because she runs away. Katie had a large TikTok following before she ever went on the show, so she could also just be playing it up for her audience.

Despite her costume, Katie has been open about how her relationships ended. She said John broke her and that they broke up more than once. She said she told him she knew, “more reasons why you don’t like me than why you love me.” That didn’t feel good to her.

Fans Love Her Costume And Showed Their Support

Katie Thurston got lots of comments on her TikTok video, seen above. One fan said, “Nah you just don’t settle.” Another said, “we love a self-aware queen.” Her Bachelor Nation bestie, Tammy Ly said, “I love.”

In a different video, she said her followers encouraged her to date. She decided to go on a virtual date. Katie said the San Diego selection is, “trash,” so she had to go on a date with someone in a different state. Katie said it also went well. One fan suggested she go on a date with men in different states and then rank them from best to worst.  This shows Katie is at least thinking of getting back out there.

What did you think about Katie’s costume? Do you think she’s just kidding or she’s genuinely hinting she runs away from relationships? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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