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Meri Brown Says Kody Drove Her To Having An Online Affair

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Meri Brown’s catfishing incident has come up several times throughout the seasons. Was it the reason that her marriage to Kody fell apart? He stated that it really was the nail in the coffin for them. Kody noted that they had been having troubles in their marriage prior to that even happening. However, that whole incident never helped. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, Meri opens up about her online affair. Did Kody lead her to be unfaithful? Read on for more details.

Was Kody Responsible For Meri Brown’s Online Affair?

Meri alleges that Kody gave up on her. This happens while she is talking about Christine leaving the family with Robyn. She says she can relate to the feeling of being given up on because it happened to her. However, Kody denies this. He just feels that their marriage was unstable and non-functioning. Furthermore, he added that they can get along but they cannot be together. It takes Meri back to when she got involved with, what she calls an “online personality.”

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She shares in her confessional she went that route because she was not getting what she needed from Kody. He had grown distant and it was very difficult and dark. Yet, this persona was offering her exactly what she wasn’t getting. That was when Meri asked Kody to leave her home so things could get worked out. She wanted to take a break and find a way to sort through their stuff. Unfortunately, it appears that the break was permanent.

Why Does She Stay?

Meri Brown admitted that people have asked her why she stays. In fact, she talked this over with Robyn. Admittedly, she prays about it a lot. In the end, this is where she needs to be, and feels she belongs. With everything crumbling around them, Robyn pleaded with her just to hold on. She is so desperate to keep whatever is left of the family together. Yet, she did note that if Meri wanted to walk away, she would completely understand. Fans on Twitter were less than thrilled that the two sister wives were gossiping over Christine and her situation.

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Ultimately, Meri has her own life away from the family in Flagstaff. She manages her B&B in Parowan, Utah, and is quite successful on the LuLaRoe scene. The mother of one travels a lot and was recently in Mexico. Now, she is off on a ten-day road trip so she is never home enough for her marriage to affect her. Should she walk away? That is her choice. If she is happy where she is, let her be. This is her life and her choices though Kody has said he cannot imagine it is fulfilling.

Do you think Kody drove Meri Brown to her online affair or is that an excuse? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Since Robin took Meri’s life and Meri did her a favor by divorcing Kody so she could married Kody so wrong and that’s were they went wrong how would you feel. No wonder Mary wanted to look around he ignored Mary after the divorce. Mary you need to dump him and Janelle should follow. Robin has always been his favorite. Kick Kody to the curb now don’t wait. He told you to go it’s time to dump him. So sorry but, he has showed no love at all. What are you waiting for!!!!

  2. its embarrasing how she clings on.she hangs round robin to be in kodys orbit,why doesnt her daughter tell her mum to go get a life,janelles kids have seen the light regarding kody

  3. He knew what he was doing marrying Robin, she was younger than the other wives whom he no longer was iterested in and now he is just showing who he really is. Christine understood the assignment….

    1. OMG, seriously? Gee Robyn the timeline ur talking about doesn’t matter. And just wondering did you Kody and Meri go to ur church and ask them if Meri and Kody can get a divorce so u can be his legal wife? oh, so he can adopt ur kids?: And by the way, where did u guys get the money for ur house?And when u heard that Christine put Kodys stuff in the garage your first response was “that’s ur house”.No that’s Christine’s house. And why are u guys so against Christine wanting more then what jerk off is willing to give. And why would it be up to Christine when Kody already said he was disgusted with her. And if ur having a hard time with Kody right now that has nothing to do with Christine. it’s all about money and honey it’s time for.u to get a.job!!!

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