Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly Setting Bad Example?

Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Selfie

Fans say Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are setting a bad example with their kids and younger fans. They know the actress is a mother to three sons with ex-husband Brian Austin Green. MGK is also the father to a daughter from a previous relationship.

However, Megan never shows any photos of her kids on social media. She only shows off her wild relationship with her fiance MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker. Megan wants to keep that aspect of her life private.

She also feels that her sons shouldn’t be exposed to social media. However, her fans argue that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly could be exposing their kids to harmful habits. The couple unveiled their Halloween costumes, which caused controversy.

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly [YouTube]

Megan Fox & MGK transform into Pam & Tommy

Unsurprisingly, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly dressed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee this Halloween. The couple has been compared to the former couple — especially with the popularity of the Hulu series. Megan took to Instagram to share photos of their couple’s costumes.

The Jennifer’s Body star wore a pink and dark red latex dress. Her bust nearly spilled out of the dress’s plunging neckline. She also wore a blonde wig, which made her the perfect Pam. Megan’s fiance wore a white tank top and black pants like Tommy Lee rocked in the ’90s. The couple posed for the cameras as they showed off their Halloween costumes.

However, it’s the video that has fans “disgusted.” MGK included an Instagram clip of himself snorting a substance off of Megan Fox’s bust with a rolled-up dollar bill. This came as a shock to fans since he’s been open about his struggles with drug abuse. He also credited Megan for getting on the straight path.

Glorifying drug abuse?

Some of the fans took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts. It’s unclear whether the substance he was actually sniffing was cocaine. However, it looks like powder. After sniffing it, MGK licked Megan Fox’s bust and kissed her on the lips.

  • “Knowing she has kids that’ll grow up and see this is so sad.”
  • “… This was not the move, please do better.”
  • “Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean that drugs won’t kill you.”
  • “I cannot keep defending you all, what the f*** is this?”
  • “Your drug habits getting outta control.”
  • “Not cool with the snorting and having teen idols you.”

Check out the NSFW video for yourself here on Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram post.

Machine Gun Kelly [YouTube]

Megan Fox helped MGK get clean?

The musician told Dave Franco that Megan Fox helped him get clean. He’s living healthier these days because of her. During their discussion for Interview Magazine, MGK said that he’s “taking steps” to stop abusing drugs. Megan has been by his side throughout his sober journey.

“Currently, my drug of choice is happiness and commitment to the art, rather than commitment to a vice that I believed made the art. I’m taking steps… When you have a partner sitting there with you on those dark nights when you’re sweating and not being able to figure out why you’re so in your head, to help you get out of your head and put it in perspective, that really, really helps.”

However, that won’t stop the “Bloody Valentine” singer and Megan Fox from glorifying drug use. What are your thoughts on their Halloween costume? Do you think they’re setting a bad example for those who look up to them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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