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Jon Gosselin’s Epic Response To Ex-Wife Kate In ‘Special Forces’

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Although Kate and Jon Gosselin were once a TLC power couple, they haven’t been on great terms for years. They divorced in 2009 and things have always been frosty between the two since.

Now that their children are all over the age of 18, custody will be once less thing they have to argue about. Two of the kids, Hannah and Collin, opted to live with Jon instead of their mother. That move allegedly caused a lot of drama and tension between the divorced couple.

Since their time on TLC came to an end, Jon Gosselin has lived a relatively quieter life. However, his ex Kate seems determined to make her grand return to reality TV. She’s going to appear on a new show called Special Forces, which will premiere in January.

But what exactly did Jon have to say about Kate’s new show?

Jon Gosselin is underwhelmed by his ex’s new activities

According to inside sources, Jon Gosselin isn’t surprised or impressed that Kate is headed back to the small screen.

“Reality TV is her bread and butter, and this show is no different,” an insider allegedly told In Touch Weekly.

Jon Gosselin from Instagram
Jon Gosselin/Instagram

However, Special Forces looks a lot different than the setup Jon & Kate Plus 8 had. Special Forces is a competition show where celebrities compete against each other and perform challenges from the military’s real Special Forces training process. In other words, it’s not for the faint of heart. The show would be challenging for many people, but Kate Gosselin is reportedly having a very difficult time on the set.

“There are no votes, and no eliminations – just survival. These celebrities, who are so used to being in the spotlight, quickly learn the meaning of “no guts, no glory” – and no glam,” Fox reports in a press release. It’s definitely not going to be a show for the weak.

“Jon is also not surprised it’s been such a challenge for her,” the source went on to say. They alleged that Kate Gosselin would routinely avoid intense workouts at any cost. The insider added that Kate had been crying a lot while filming. Jon reportedly snarked that he didn’t know what Kate expected when she signed up for the show.

Kate Gosselin from Instagram
Kate Gosselin/Instagram

Special Forces comes out on January 4, 2023 on Fox. Tune in and see how the contestants survive when everything is on the line.

The reality TV mom allegedly stole from her own children

Kate Gosselin may want to expand her horizons with her return to TV. But in reality, she might actually be really hurting for money. Raising so many children as a single mom is expensive. And Jon Gosselin even accused her of stealing from their children’s trusts.

No matter what actually happened, Gosselin fans hope that everything turns out all right for the family. Now that the kids are legally adults, they can make their own decisions about their future. With any luck, they’ll turn out much happier than their parents.

Stay tuned for more reality TV news.

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