Jeremy Roloff Gets Slammed As ‘Spoiled Brat’ For Dissing Amy

Jeremy Roloff, YouTube, Amy Roloff

Former Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff is being slammed online after he dissed his mom, Amy. Fans are now calling him a “spoiled brat” for what he said. What went down between the mother and son, and what do fans think of it? Keep reading for all of the details.

Though Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, left LPBW, they still live their lives in the public eye. They are active on social media and share updates with fans. They both have a decent number of Instagram followers, so many people end up seeing their posts. With this comes both praise and criticism.

Jeremy Roloff, YouTube

However, now, Jeremy is under fire for something he said years ago. An old video resurfaced and got fans all riled up.

Jeremy Roloff disses his mom, Amy.

On Reddit, an LPBW fan said they had discovered an old clip from the show and they shared it with other fans. It’s from when Jeremy was 20 years old.

In the scene, Jeremy Roloff is at home with his mom, his dad Matt, and his twin brother Zach. He disses his mom by saying, “You need to help out in the kitchen. Your job is in the kitchen.”

Things get tense amongst these Roloffs. Zach angrily leaves the room, while Molly attempts to correct Jeremy. She suggests that he needs to help Amy out in the kitchen.

Offended Amy says, “I’m not here to pick up after a 20-year-old that should be having a job and thinking about his life.”

Then, Jeremy replies, “You’re missing the point of what I was saying…”

You can check out the mentioned clip below.

Unemployed 20-year-old Jerm tells Amy: “Your job is the kitchen.”
by u/SerenaJWilliams in LittlePeopleBigWorld

LPBW fans slam him as a “spoiled brat.”

In the comments section of the Reddit post, fans are shocked by Jeremy Roloff’s behavior. One said, “What a disrespectful spoiled brat.”

Another fan added, “Same indignant, self-righteous prick as always.”

Yet another chimed in and said, “Oh my goddddd. If that were my son, he would be moving out the next day. Good luck.”

A few LPBW viewers are convinced that Jeremy Roloff was acting the same way his father Matt has in the past.

So, do you remember seeing this clip years ago? Do you agree with the fans who think Jeremy Roloff is a “spoiled brat?” Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more LPBW updates. Though Jeremy is no longer on the show, some of the family returns to TLC for Season 24 on Tuesday, November 1.

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