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When Does ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1923’ Premiere?

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Fans cannot get enough of the Dutton family saga. Yellowstone Season 5 may be premiering on Sunday, November 13. However the new prequel limited series, 1923 will be premiering not long afterward.

Paramount has released the premiere date of the new spinoff. We have all the details you need to watch this exciting new series starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.


Yellowstone Prequel 1923 Gets Official Premiere Date

According to Deadline, the Yellowstone prequel 1923 will premiere on Sunday, December 18, on Paramount+. Moreover, there will be eight episodes of the first season of this Taylor Sheridan limited series.

Subsequently, this story has become so big, Sheridan has asked for a second season and eight more episodes. Originally, this series was called 1932, but Sheridan decided to start right after World War 1, go into prohibition, and eventually the Great Depression. More so, these events can offer so much rich history that one season is just not enough.

In addition, they filmed this series in Montana, as well as South Africa, Tanzania, and Malta. It should be quite interesting to see what Dutton winds up halfway around the world from Montana, and how this relates to the modern family that viewers are gobbling up in the first five seasons of the OG Yellowstone.

Who Is Starring In 1923?

Starring in Yellowstone 1923 is Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. They portray Jacob and Cara Dutton. Jacob is James Dutton’s brother. Jacob is the ranch patriarch, and Cara is the family matriarch.

Next, James Badge Dale portrays John Dutton Sr. in this spinoff. He is Jacob Dutton’s oldest nephew and the ranch righthand man. Marly Shelton portrays Emma Dutton, John’s dutiful wife. Emma is Jack Dutton’s mother.

Furthermore, Darren Mann portrays Jack Dutton. Jack is loyal to the ranch and the Dutton family. That would make him John Dutton Sr.’s son, and Jacob Dutton’s nephew.

Michelle Randolph plays Elizabeth Stafford. Wild Liz is marrying a Dutton.

Timothy Dalton plays Donald Whitfield. He is a wealthy man who gets what he wants but never suffers a crisis of consciousness.

Brandon Sklenar is John Dutton Sr.’s son, and Jacob’s nephew, Spencer Dutton. Spencer has just returned from the WWI trenches and is dealing with the horrors of war.

Robert Patrick portrays Sheriff William McDowell. McDowell has close ties to the Dutton family.

Brian Geraghty portrays Zane Davis, the Dutton’s loyal foreman.

Jerome Flynn is Banner Creighton. The stubborn, Scottish-born Banner leads the sheep men.

Tony Noto is Man Sheeper.

Aminah Nieves portrays Teonna Rainwater. Teonna is at the government residential boarding school.

Jennifer Ehle portrays Sister Mary. Sister Mary is an Irish Nun who teaches at the Native American boarding school.

Sebastian Roché portrays Father Renaud, the headmaster of the Native American school.

Lastly, Julia Schlepper portrays Alexandra, a British woman who previously met a Dutton when they were abroad.

Finally, don’t miss the premiere of the Yellowstone spinoff 1923 on Sunday, December 18, on Paramount+.

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