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Victoria Fuller Speaks Out After Week Of Rumors

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Bachelor in Paradise star Victoria Fuller has been the center of talk within Bachelor Nation this week. Rumors started flying in regard to who Victoria is dating. After being the talk of the town so to speak, she now spoke out to her followers. Keep reading to find out more. Warning! spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise ahead. 

Victoria Fuller speaks out after week of rumors

It’s been a long week for BIP star Victoria Fuller. It all started when Reality Steve shared information that Victoria and Johnny DePhillipo ended their engagement in September. This information was followed up with video and photos alleging that Victoria was in Italy with Greg Grippo.

In the beginning, it couldn’t be proven that she and Greg were really there. However, more concrete evidence surfaced and it was clear it really was these two spending time together in Rome, Italy.

Dave Neal even alleged that Victoria had cheated on Johnny during their time together. According to the reports, some of Johnny’s friends have even accused her of not being faithful. Of course, this is speculation and cannot be proven.

Victoria Fuller Instagram Story Selfie

Now that Victoria is back in the states, she spoke out to fans finally after a few days of zero posts. She went to Instagram Stories to thank her followers for all of their support over the past week. She went on to say she loves everyone and that is all.

Victoria followed up those thoughts with a video of her playing with her beloved dog in her Nashville backyard.

Then, she came back on camera to say there was someone she wanted everyone to meet. She walked off-camera and brought back her new cat to introduce to everyone.

Of course, Victoria has not addressed the photos of her and Greg or the cheating allegations. However, the Bachelor in Paradise reunion will tape next week and hopefully, all will be discussed.

Not the first time

Victoria has been the subject of rumors within Bachelor Nation before as well. During her season of The Bachelor with Peter Weber, she was also accused of interfering in marriages. She adamantly denied the accusations and soon it was forgotten.

It looks like she has some explaining to do. Plus, fans are really wanting to know if her connection to Greg is really serious. Could he be the one for her?

Everyone will have to wait and see how this all plays out.

What do you think about all this drama surrounding Victoria?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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